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Black Friday Cell Phone Deals

Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is the perfect time to buy a new phone. Whether you're looking for a high-end flagship phone or a more affordable low- or mid-range option, Black Friday deals present a great opportunity. Of course, these deals can run the gamut and tend to be offered at different times throughout Black Friday weekend. Plus, the smartphone market is always changing, so getting the most bang for your buck requires a little research.

Stick around to learn all about Black Friday deals for cell phones and finding the best discounts.

When Is Black Friday?

In 2021, Black Friday falls on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving. However, this date isn't the only time to expect Black Friday deals. They'll be present throughout the entire weekend and, for many retailers, the entire week or month. After the events of 2020, retailers made some changes to prevent large crowds on one day. That typically looks like extended timeframes for sales and dramatically reduced doorbusters.

You may find those same "doorbuster" deals online or alternative Black Friday deals going for the entire week or month. Generally, the closer we get to Thanksgiving, the larger the deals will be, but this can vary by retailer.

Another thing to consider is that many retailers are going to be closed on Thanksgiving day this year. Traditionally, stores opened on Thursday, but with 30% of consumers saying stores should be completely closed and another 39% saying they can be open but not have doorbusters, many retailers made the switch to online sales only.

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Our Black Friday Deals

The ultimate sale day of the year is right around the corner, and Gazelle has the Black Friday deals you definitely don’t want to miss. Make the most of your holiday shopping with this season’s best prices on iPhones, both before and after the best Friday of the year. Leading up to the big day, we’re offering:

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  • 10% off all other products

If you’re eyeing anything else on our site, you’ll get 10% off all other devices. Yep, we’ve got early Black Friday deals on deck as a bonus for you early shoppers. Check out our pre-sale specials below to save before the rush.

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Which Phone Should I Buy on Black Friday?

If you've decided you want to buy a phone, the next step is to decide which one. This year, we saw additions to popular lineups like the Samsung Galaxy S21, the iPhone 13 and the Google Pixel 6 — that means previous versions of those phones are going to see steeper discounts on the used markets.

As always when it's time to buy a new phone, you'll want to look at factors like:

  • Functionality: Is your current phone lacking more modern features, like mobile wallets and facial recognition? Take a look at what newer phones have to offer and figure out which features you'd like and which ones are just extra.
  • Price: Of course, your budget is a major factor in determining which phone to buy. This is where used phones come in handy. They're much more affordable than their new counterparts, and many will come down by several hundred dollars or more — just be sure to buy from a trusted seller like Gazelle with protections like guaranteed functionality and a 30-day hassle-free turn policy.
  • Value: Some phones hold their value better than others. If you're planning on selling your phone when you're done with it, you may want to look at Black Friday iPhone deals. iPhones are known for retaining their value well. Still, there are a lot of Black Friday Android deals in the mid- and low price ranges that offer lower upfront costs.
  • Condition: What kind of condition are you expecting from your phone? If you want to save even more and don't mind a few aesthetic problems, like minor scratches or dings, you could snag a phone that's in Good or Fair condition. If you use a phone case, you can often hide the damage completely.

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Tips for Shopping for a Phone on Black Friday

Black Friday is a unique opportunity, but knowing what to expect can help you get the best deals and more bang for your buck. Below are some of our tips for getting the best Black Friday phone deals:

  • Don't wait too long to buy. Many phone deals are only valid while supplies last. While it can be tempting to continue waiting and see if a new deal pops up, some sellers will only have the price available while they have the phones in stock. Be careful when gambling on a better price, especially if you're looking at a popular phone that's likely to sell out quickly.
  • If you're buying a holiday gift, consider buying on Black Friday instead of in December. Shipping delays are expected this year, so if you need to order your phone, getting a head-start in November offers more wiggle room for transit delays.
  • Watch for contracts. Many Black Friday deals offered will be tied to a contract. Phone carriers often drop the price of the phone, but you'll be required to stay with that carrier while you pay off the phone over time, usually two years. If you don't want to use these carriers or deal with an extra cost to your bill, make sure you review the terms of the deal carefully so you know what you're getting into. Keep in mind that Gazelle's phones are free of contracts.
  • Don't forget about the rest of the week. Remember, Black Friday isn't the only time for these deals, especially after the last few years. Sales often span the entire week, and many retailers are upfront about how long the deals will last. They typically start posting ads in early November.
  • Don't think you need to shop in-person. Many sellers have decided to make their in-store deals available online, too, so you can avoid facing the crowds. Online shopping may have an even more significant advantage this year, because those shipping delays could also lead to more empty shelves — 64% of retail executives are worried about not receiving their inventory on time.

Black Friday Phone Deals From Gazelle

Black Friday deals offer some of the biggest sales of the year, and used phones are no exception. If you're looking for the steepest discounts, used devices are a great choice — not to mention, an eco-friendly one.

At Gazelle, we aim to offer a trustworthy experience buying used phones. Each device in our wide collection of phones is certified for quality and sold with no contracts and no strings attached. Each transaction goes through Gazelle, so you won't need to work with a stranger or shady provider to buy a device. Plus, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked returns policy if your phone isn't the right fit.

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