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The iPhone XR Perks and Features

The iPhone XR was an instant success amongst iPhone users and Apple fans. This series was the first to employ the Face ID recognition system to give you maximum security. The phone's exterior holds up well against dust, water and dirt to keep it safe wherever you go.

The Liquid HD Retina display reaches 6.1 inches from corner to corner. You can watch your 4K recorded videos or share stunning photos from the 12-megapixel camera with ease. The A12 Bionic chip powers this phone, and the XR has one of the best battery lives in iPhones.

Choose from red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue, and either 64 or 128 GB of storage space. The iPhone XR proves itself with every sleek, user-friendly feature.

Why Buy Used?

Used phones have many benefits that you can't get with a brand new model. Even though a shiny new phone might seem like the best choice, used phones provide the same experience for a better price.

Some of the benefits of used phones include:

  • Lower costs: The most apparent benefit to used phones is their costs. You save upfront and over time by avoiding a monthly contract.
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  • Freedom: You can try out the phone's features before committing to a contract and a new model.
  • Sustainability: Our phones are refurbished and recycled. You can give a phone a second life and prevent excess e-waste.

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