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iPads make it easy to work, read and write on the go. If you are looking for an affordable used iPad, you've come to the right place. Gazelle carries quality used iPads that you can order online instantly.

We are one of the best places on the web to buy a used iPad. Find out how you can secure a premium used iPad from Gazelle for a fraction of the price. That’s a win for you, and your wallet.


What Makes an iPad Different?

iPads are Apple's take on a tablet, though they deliver as much power as a laptop. Since the first series came out in 2010, Apple has improved with each model. The iPad is a sleek, portable device that you can use for work, pleasure, or both simultaneously. Starting in 2013, Apple started producing its Apple iPad air line, and you can get one of these devices at unbelievable prices on our site.

The iPad has many of the same features as an iPhone and a Mac, including the iOS operating system. You can stream videos, access the App Store, and even send iMessages. You can also connect external devices, such as a keyboard and mouse, or use an Apple Pencil to take digital hand-written notes.

The Apple iPad is great for when you need to work on the go. The powerful processors and long battery life let you play your favorite games or record notes in a lecture with ease. Find the perfect series, color, size, and storage capacity to meet your needs when you shop online with Gazelle.


Why Buy a Refurbished iPad From Gazelle?

Buying new tech may be convenient, but that doesn't make it easy on the environment, or your wallet. We hate to see perfectly great iPads end up in landfills before their usable life is over. That's why we connect buyers with pre-owned devices they can rely on. Our team inspects tablets that still have several years of life left in them to provide sustainable, affordable iPads to Apple lovers everywhere. Discover how you can get top value with one of these pre-owned tablets!

Gazelle keeps our customers at the center of all we do. Refurbishing secondhand iPads allows our gadget-loving customers to affordably enjoy the features and benefits of Apple's tablet technology. We make it easy to find the perfect pre-owned iPad within your budget by offering multiple generations, screen sizes, storage capacities and cosmetic conditions.


Our Refurbishing Process

We know you're curious about how we do it. We pride ourselves on our transparent prices and honest practices. 

Check out how we assure our certified refurbished iPads for sale arrive in perfect working condition:

  • Evaluate: Whenever we receive a pre-owned iPad or iPad Pro, we complete a comprehensive 55-point inspection. We look at its screen, buttons, charging port, and more to verify everything performs perfectly.
  • Update: Once we've confirmed that the tablet functions as intended, we clear it of information and data, update its software and restore it to its default settings. 
  • Sell: Finally, we disinfect and package the iPad and list it for sale with a fair upfront price — we promise that there are no hidden fees whatsoever.

When you order from Gazelle, you'll receive a refurbished iPad you can use right out of the box. Our selection includes Wi-Fi models as well as iPads configured for data plans from various wireless carriers.


The Benefits of a Used Device

Used devices have more to offer than you might think. Though a new gadget seems tempting, you can get many benefits from choosing a pre-owned iPad over a brand new one.

When you buy a refurbished iPad, you can:

  • Test out the device's features.
  • Save money on overall costs, including your contract.
  • Spring for better specs instead of settling for the more affordable ones.
  • Make a purchase without committing to the brand.
  • Rest easy knowing you've made an eco-friendly purchase.
  • Avoid the risk of buying uncertified devices from unknown resellers.

You can get a quality pre-owned iPad from Gazelle. Save yourself from searching for a trustworthy provider and choose us. You can even sell your iPad back to us down the road.


Find Pre-owned iPads for Sale From Gazelle

Gazelle has bought and sold millions of devices across the nation. Every device undergoes a 55-point inspection before we consider it Gazelle Certified. If you want to return your device, we have a 30-day return policy that you can take advantage of with every purchase.

Our services are:

  • Safe: We keep your personal information secure. You can feel confident in every purchase with our site.
  • Affordable: We offer wallet-friendly, guilt-free ways for gadget lovers to benefit from Apple's latest tech.
  • Honest: We are open about our pricing and other processes. We are happy to answer your questions.
  • Convenient: Instead of hunting down a seller, you can browse our inventory easily and get an iPad sent straight to your door.
  • Sustainable: Our devices are all refurbished, so you are giving an iPad a second life when you shop with us. Together, we can lower the amount of e-waste in our world.

What are you waiting for? Browse our online inventory and find a used iPad from Gazelle today!


What if I'm not satisfied with my iPad?

As with any device, a buyer has 30 days to return the iPad if unsatisfied for any reason.

What chip powers the modern iPad Air?

Newer iPad Airs run on Apple's M1 chip.

Do iPads use 5G?

Newer iPads will utilize a 5G connection.