iPhone 14 Plus

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Used iPhone 14 Plus for Sale

Cinematic mode to make the next viral video. Advanced image processing to capture crystal-clear photos, even with less light. Over a million apps for play and work. Extra-long battery life to game, gab and binge-watch for up to 26 hours on one charge. Convenient synching with your MacBook and iPad. Enhanced privacy and crash-detection technology.

Why Choose a Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus?

There are numerous reasons to opt for a refurbished iPhone 14 Plus instead of buying a new one. 

A Greener Tomorrow 

Buying pre-owned phones contributes to a more circular economy by reusing a functional device. It's a win-win for you and Mother Nature — you get the tech you want, and the landfill gets less electronic waste. Plus, going used helps reduce carbon emissions. With less new-model manufacturing, there's a smaller impact on the environment.


Choosing a secondhand iPhone 14 Plus is a great way to put powerful features in your hand for less. Refurbished phones often boast significantly lower costs than new retail prices. As a result, you can have newer-generation technology while keeping more of what you earn. Discounted prices also let you make the most of your money with more value for what you spend.

High Quality

Two legendary Apple trademarks are superior quality and modern design — and that doesn't change with a used phone. Well-respected refurbishers put the phone through its paces before selling it. Thanks to function testing and a thorough inspection, you can have higher confidence in your phone's performance.

No Device Contracts

When you buy used, your device is yours — no monthly payments to a wireless provider. You can choose the carrier you want with no device contract binding you. Simply add a data plan from various major carriers and change providers without worrying about a phone buyout.

Inventory Options

When you purchase from a local retailer, you can only choose from the store's stock. Buying from a reseller often gives you more options since inventory changes quickly. That means you're more likely to end up with the phone you want and need.

Trust Gazelle for Your Used iPhone 14 Plus  

Gazelle has been a trusted partner in iPhone reCommerce since 2007. Order from us and enjoy:

  • Gazelle-certified guarantees: We test every device against a 30-point checklist and offer a 30-day return window for your satisfaction.
  • Fair and honest pricing: We value transparency, so our pricing is upfront and free of hidden fees.
  • Financing options: We have financing partners to help you get the phone you want at the price point you need.
  • Wireless provider compatibility: Our team confirms device availability and displays compatible carriers for peace of mind.
  • High transaction security: We use advanced data encryption tools to keep your private information private.
  • Convenient shopping experience: You're free to shop from anywhere, 24/7.
  • Quick delivery to your doorstep: Our teams are fast at order processing and shipping, so you get your phone sooner.

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