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Apple iPhones are always impressive technology to the point that they've become status symbols, even last year's model. The iPhone 12 Pro holds up well with features like Super Retina XDR display, a stunning camera system, a sleek flat-edge design, and Magsafe wireless charging. Dolby Vision, night mode, and integrations with Apple TV and other Apple systems make it a great buy.

You'll get all of those great features, at an even better price when you buy a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro from Gazelle. All while helping the environment and cutting down on electronic waste

Used iPhone 12 Pro for Sale

A pre-owned iPhone 12 Pro has all of the features you expect from an Apple iPhone. You'll get the advanced ultra-wide camera system, LTE support, and nano SIM support, all at a much lower price. Each device from Gazelle comes certified refurbished. Whether it comes to us with a few minor scratches, exhausted battery life, or other routine damage, we make sure to restore it to as close to optimal condition as possible.

Why Choose Refurbished Devices?

Choosing a refurbished device is a smart, responsible decision that's great for your wallet and the environment.

Guaranteed Quality

We put each iPhone 12 Pro we receive through a comprehensive 55-point inspection, focusing on critical areas like battery health, screen condition, and camera functionality.

Sustainable Choice

Opting for a pre-owned iPhone 12 Pro is an eco-conscious decision that helps reduce electronic waste. This can harm the local environment by leaking chemicals into the soil. By giving new life to pre-owned devices, you also lower demand for the harmful mining like buying a brand-new phone does.

Unbeatable Value

Enjoy the flagship features of the iPhone 12 Pro at a fraction of the cost. Like the pro camera system with Dolby Vision video playback and the durable Ceramic Shield for improved drop performance. Purchasing refurbished allows you to experience the best of Apple's technology without the premium price tag. Choose between Pacific Blue, Space Black, and other popular colors with Gazelle's expansive marketplace of phones.

Buy Your Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro with Gazelle

Gazelle makes it easy and secure to own a pre-owned iPhone 12 Pro:

  • Clear and Fair Pricing: Experience transparent, fair pricing with no hidden fees. Price your device from the comfort of your home.
  • Quality Guarantee: Our 30-day return policy protects you from poor satisfaction with your purchase.
  • Affordable Plans: Our flexible financing options make it even easier to buy your next phone.
  • Compatibility Assurance: Enjoy peace of mind with verified compatibility with leading wireless carriers.
  • Convenient Shopping: Purchase your refurbished iPhone 12 Pro from the comfort of your home, anytime.
  • Swift Delivery: Your device, complete with a charger and other essential accessories, arrives quickly and ready for use.
  • Complete Package: Each iPhone ships in an original box, ensuring you receive everything you need to get started.

Explore our pre-owned iPhone 12 Pro collection, or search for the other great phone models we have available at low prices.


Why is the iPhone 12 Pro not sold anymore?

In general, Apple only carries new phones until the phone is three years old. However, that doesn't mean that you have to opt for a new phone or settle for a used phone in poor condition. Buying through a reputable reseller like Gazelle will let you get a reliable Apple iPhone 12 with good battery life, sometimes in pristine condition.

Is the iPhone 12 Pro refurbished good?

While the iPhone 12 Pro is a few years old by now, it launched with cutting-edge technology that's still competitive. It launched with advanced features like night mode, a beautiful Super Retina XDR display, Apple TV and device compatibility, and the older Bionic chip still offers smooth video playback. It's an excellent device for the low price you have to pay.

Do pre-owned iPhones have good battery life?

The battery of an Apple iPhone is like any other battery. It has limited charge cycles its that battery life varies based on Wi-Fi connection and site conditions. However, we test the battery and won't sell an iPhone with poor battery life.

Is a refurbished iPhone still original?

The quality of a refurbished device will vary based on who you buy it from. With Gazelle, you get 100% stock parts from Apple, as well as a new charging cord and other accessories. If you don't want a phone that's locked to select carriers, you can buy one of our unlocked iPhones and use a SIM card from any service provider.