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Are you considering an iPhone for your next piece of tech? You've come to the perfect place. With an expansive inventory of iPhones and other quality personal devices, Gazelle makes it easy to get the products you want at an affordable price. Our iPhones vary in model, color, condition, carrier and storage space, so we have something for everyone.

Why Buy an iPhone?

As one of the world's most-loved smartphones, the iPhone changed the electronics scene in 2007. Since the initial release, the interface, sleek design and usability have kept iPhones at the top of the charts.

The iPhone is enduringly popular for a reason. Each model has enhanced security features such as fingerprint identification and face recognition — available on iPhone X and later — for users that value privacy. The wide range of available applications sets the phone apart from competitors, too. Another unique aspect of this phone is the iOS system, which syncs photos, contacts and other data across other iOS devices such as iPads and MacBooks. If you're a regular Apple user, consider adding an iPhone to your collection.

iPhones prove themselves over and over again to be fan favorites. Experience the perks without the hefty price tag when you shop for affordable models from Gazelle.

Should I Buy Used?

Used iPhones are a hot commodity on today's market. Buying a used model lets you get all of the benefits of a new phone for a lower price. You can also avoid the crowds of people lining up for the newest models.

When you get a used iPhone from Gazelle, you:

  • Save money on overall costs.
  • Gain control over your contact and carrier choice.
  • Purchase a quality cell phone from a safe distributor.

A secondhand iPhone is also a good choice for the environment. You can give a new life to a device that would end up in a landfill otherwise.

When you purchase a used iPhone online through Gazelle, you can skip the monthly contract payment and only pay for your data plan. Every phone we sell undergoes a 30-point inspection before we list it on our site. We check the WiFi connection, camera quality, screen appearance, buttons, ports and other key features. We also include honest descriptions to let you know the phone's condition before you buy it.

Buy iPhones Secondhand Online From Gazelle

At Gazelle, we strive to make life easier for every customer. Our no-contract services let you get the phone you want with no strings attached. If you change your mind, we have a 30-day return policy to give you plenty of time to send back your iPhone.

Work with us and get:

  • Great pricing: Used iPhones save you money. We guarantee our phones to be cheaper than the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).
  • Convenience: We make it easy to search for, find and order a used iPhone from the comfort of your home.
  • Support: Our team will work with you to make sure you're satisfied with every purchase.

If you're ready for a tech upgrade, check out our inventory of used iPhones and find your next device online.