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Buy a Used iPhone from Gazelle

Considering an iPhone for your next smartphone? You’ve got great taste. Coming to Gazelle for your tech needs means you’re also just as financially savvy. With a huge online inventory of iPhone and other top tier personal tech, Gazelle is ready to help you get the devices you deserve at a fraction of the retail price.

Why an iPhone?

Possibly the most widely recognized smartphone, the iPhone has been a crowd favorite since the first model released in 2007. Its sleek design, simple interface and appealing features are what the make the iPhone one of the top reigning smartphones on the market.

What makes an iPhone so great? The stocked apps and features are both huge factors that set this phone apart from the rest. If you’re a big believer in enhanced security, you’ll enjoy the advanced privacy settings on the iPhone. Most models feature several types of phone locks, from finger print sensors to facial recognition (available on iPhone X and later). Another stellar feature is the iOS system, which allows syncing across other similar products such as the iPad, MacBook and iMac.

Why You Should Buy a Used iPhone from Gazelle

Picking the right iPhone for your lifestyle can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Gazelle offers a large inventory of used iPhones that range in carrier, model, storage size, color and condition. While having a brand-new device seems ideal, you could be saving hundreds of dollars on a certified pre-owned iPhone. Every device that enters our facilities must pass a rigorous 30-point Gazelle inspection before it’s placed on our site. Picking a used iPhone also means that you’re not only saving money, but also giving a device a second chance at life and helping to limit electronic waste! It’s a win-win.

If you’re curious, check out our inventory of used iPhones above and see what you could be saving. Get your used iPhone from Gazelle today!