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Are you ready to upgrade your phone to a newer model? Finding a used phone can save you big bucks and give you the phone you want.

Gazelle can help you out. We are a leading supplier of used iPhones online. Our iPhone XR used prices are a fraction of the factory price, and we have different colors, storage capacities and carriers to meet your every need.


The iPhone XR Perks and Features

The iPhone XR was an instant success amongst iPhone users and Apple fans. This series was the first to employ the Face ID recognition system to give you maximum security. The phone's exterior holds up well against dust, water and dirt to keep it safe wherever you go.

The Liquid HD Retina display reaches 6.1 inches from corner to corner. You can watch your 4K recorded videos or share stunning photos from the 12-megapixel camera with ease. The A12 Bionic chip powers this phone, and the XR has one of the best battery lives in iPhones.

Choose from red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue, and either 64 or 128 GB of storage space. The iPhone XR proves itself with every sleek, user-friendly feature.


Why Buy a Refurbished Used iPhone XR?

A gently used, expertly refurbished iPhone XR is a convenient, environmentally responsible alternative to paying full price for the latest Apple iPhone model. We save and refurbish used iPhones to keep them out of landfills and provide buyers with a wallet-friendly alternative to buying new. 

You can trust that our Gazelle Certified, refurbished iPhone XRs will work perfectly thanks to our meticulous reconditioning methods. We also offer exceptional customer care to make sure you get everything you want out of your new-to-you smartphone.


Our 30-Point Inspection and Refurbishing Process

Gazelle only accepts the best of the best. Before we post a phone to our website, we perform a 30-point test to ensure that it meets our standards. 

Learn more about our rigorous refurbishing technique:

  • Assess: First, we survey the iPhone for any defects with a thorough 30-point inspection. We examine the phone's screen, buttons, camera, charging ports, speakers and more to ensure everything functions as it should.
  • Update: When the phone is in excellent mechanical condition, we remove the previous user's personal information and data, update the software and restore the phone to its factory settings. 
  • Sell: Once it's ready to go, we clean the phone, package it up and list it as ready for sale with an honest, fair price. 

Ordering from Gazelle ensures you'll receive an iPhone XR that's fully refurbished and ready for use right out of the box. All you need to do is pick a wireless plan and start enjoying your new phone!


Why Buy Used iPhones From Gazelle?

Used phones have many benefits that you can't get with a brand new model. Even though a shiny new phone might seem like the best choice, used phones provide the same experience for a better price.

Some of the benefits of used phones include:

  • Lower costs: The most apparent benefit to used phones is their costs. You save upfront and over time by avoiding a monthly contract.
  • Flexibility: We have phones to match your preferred carrier. You can pay for the services you want and change your phone or plan as needed.
  • Freedom: You can try out the phone's features before committing to a contract and a new model.
  • Sustainability: Our phones are refurbished and recycled. You can give a phone a second life and prevent excess e-waste.
  • Transparency: Beat the hassle of purchasing phones with surprise defects from strangers. When you come to Gazelle, you can order your quality-confirmed pre-owned devices from a reliable reseller.

Get all of these benefits and more whenever you shop for a used phone with Gazelle. We can help you find your dream iPhone XR today. You can even sell your phone back to us once you're done with it!


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Our website is secure, so you can trust us to handle each transaction professionally. We protect your information so you can spend less time searching in person or online for a used iPhone XR for sale that's worth buying.

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