Cell Phones for Kids

Cell phones for kids and teens

Cell Phones For Kids And Teens

Finally, a place where your child or teen can get the phone they want without breaking the bank. Gazelle has parents covered with tons of phones for kids, varying in carriers, models and pricing options that work best for your budget. Our inventory is home to dozens of certified pre-owned iPhones, Galaxy phones and more!

There’s no strings attached, either: we have phones from most major carriers as well as unlocked models to best suit your family’s current phone plan. If you’re unsure which phone is best for your child or teen, take a look at our guide on phones for kids and teens.


Breaking Phone Myth With Kids and Parents

MYTH: Cell phones for kids have to be the latest and greatest, including the high retail price tag.

FACT: Parents can get their kids the latest phones for less with Gazelle.

MYTH: Kids will only break whatever phone you buy them.

FACT: Buying pre-owned phones for kids limits the financial risk, and Gazelle offers an extended warranty.

MYTH: Kids shouldn’t have phones because of cyber dangers.

FACT: There are dozens of apps and programs through your carriers for parental controls.

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