Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We understand that our Customers put a lot of trust in us when they trade in or buy electronics. If you're looking for reviews, check out what our Customers are saying, both crazy awesome and not so crazy awesome.

9 out of 10

Recent Reviews

9/15/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | John C. from Roselle, NJ

Mom went swimming with her phone, this phone has been a perfect replacement!

9/15/2017 | iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi | Gaudencio R. from Houston, TX

Very satisfied, great selection. Arrived quickly in the cosmetic condition selected.

9/15/2017 | iPad Air 32GB WiFi | Cassandra H. from Sumter, SC

It came in excellent condition and it's been working great!

9/14/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (AT&T) | Keith G. from Newport News, VA

Very satisfied with my purchase and will be using this service again in the near future.

9/14/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Marco G. from Lyons, IL

Phone wouldn't turn on, but the return process was fast and easy.

9/14/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Camille N. from Brooklyn, NY

Gazelle is the go to place to buy used cell phones and iPads.

9/13/2017 | iPad 4 64GB WiFi | Colleen Y. from Fort Worth, TX

Thank u so much, very quick, good prices, great products

9/13/2017 | iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G (AT&T) | Timothy W. from Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Came with a "no SIM card" message that will not go away.

9/12/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (Sprint) | Christopher S. from Scottsboro, AL

99% what I expected. Device is clean and functions perfectly.

9/12/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Susan R. from Wilmington, NC

I would do business with Gazelle again. Well done!

9/12/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Paul P. from Rockville Centre, NY

The battery won't hold a charge for 6 hours, even when the phone isn't being used at all.

9/12/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Janet K. from Germantown, WI

This arrived in better than expected condition and has been great so far.

9/12/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Brendon C. from Danville, CA

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the "good" phone looked. It looked new.

9/12/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi | Nyrva M. from Fall River, MA

Little difference from a new IPad. I will surely back for shopping again. Great company!

9/11/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (AT&T) | Rolf G. from Goleta, CA

It's a great product, a lot better than my old phone.

9/11/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Vicki K. from Greenville, SC

I paid for 1 day shipping on a Wednesday didn't receive my phone till Monday of next week

9/11/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (T-Mobile) | Joseph R. from Mount Airy, NC

No scratches or dents, and I bought it in fair condition !

9/11/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Jacqueline O. from Buffalo, NY

Phone was received in great shape, and was up and running within a day of it's delivery!

9/11/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Unlocked) | Sandra W. from Gastonia, NC

Did 3 day shipping didn't get here for 5 days. Screen has scratch

9/11/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Jenna B. from Birmingham, AL

Phone was fine but did not have a sim card which was a bit of a hassle.

9/11/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Rick M. from Waddy, KY

Product arrived as expected. Condition as advertised.

9/11/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Unlocked) | Debbie C. from Indianapolis, IN

Very happy with cell phone. It is in excellent condition.

9/11/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Avi F. from White Plains, NY

I have been very happy with my purchase! Will visit this sight again!

9/11/2017 | iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi + 4G LTE (AT&T) | Rachel Z. from Toledo, OH

The item arrived quickly, in perfect condition, and works wonderfully.

9/10/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (T-Mobile) | Jennifer G. from Greenwich, CT

It was good until it was blocked by the T-Mobile network

9/10/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 128GB (Verizon) | Barry T. from Eden, NC

Came promptly, expected minor scratches. Looked brand new! Best way to buy an iPhone!

9/10/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Jennifer L. from Burbank, CA

Excellent transaction. Second time I used Gazelle. Will use them in the future.

9/10/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Verizon) | Robert C. from Winnsboro, SC

I love my new phone! It looks and acts brand new!!

9/10/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Unlocked) | Tkeyah S. from Upper Darby, PA

It works great, looks good, easy to use. Glad I bought this phone.

9/10/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Unlocked) | Paul F. from Pottstown, PA

Perfect working condition; screen had a few small scratches but nothing distracting

9/10/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Sprint) | Robert D. from Chicago, IL

Phone was as advertised. Would buy from gazelle again.

9/10/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 32GB WiFi | Patrick J. from Hickory Hills, IL

It has a slow charge but it still performs wonderfully

9/10/2017 | Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB (Unlocked) | Bridget H. from Florissant, MO

Shipping was fast, great phone, looks like new! Thank you, gazelle!

9/10/2017 | Galaxy S7 edge SM-G935A 32GB (AT&T) | Debra S. from Florence, SC

It's great! Love it and the price wasn't terrible.

9/09/2017 | MacBook Pro 15.5" (Early 2011) | Helaina T. from Santa Barbara, CA

Arrived on time, good condition, great MacBook for college!

9/09/2017 | MacBook Pro 13.3" (Mid 2012) | Mukesh P. from Circleville, OH

I love Gazelle! My computer arrived so quickly! Very impressed!!

9/09/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (Unlocked) | Christopher L. from Springfield, VA

The phone was in excellent condition when I got it.

9/09/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Veronica H. from Grand Jct, CO

Nothing is wrong with the phone and I am happy with my purchase.

9/09/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Unlocked) | Gregory W. from Clearlake, CA

Great phone! Looks brand new and was exactly what I needed. (:

9/09/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 16GB (AT&T) | Elena G. from Long Beach, CA

Easy to set up with Straight Talk, and works as expected.

9/09/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (Unlocked) | Gordon W. from Grand Haven, MI

Phone works great, no problems at all. I'm greatly satisfied with making this purchase.

9/09/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (Verizon) | Christina C. from Atlanta, GA

Everything worked great! And was delivered very quickly. Thank you!

9/09/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | Oinetta B. from Greensboro, NC

The phone is working perfect as expected. I love the Service of gazelle.

9/09/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | Murray J. from Pleasant Prairie, WI

I have used gazelle multiple times. Always fair, reliable and on time. Highly recommended.

9/09/2017 | iPad Air 32GB WiFi | Karen T. from Santa Barbara, CA

I had a hard distinguishing an iPad from an iPad Air 2.

9/09/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920P 32GB (Sprint) | Jeremy C. from Shawnee, KS

I love the phone. But the service from your company is not to par.

9/08/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (AT&T) | Chris G. from Jacksonville, FL

I was really nervous about ordering a use phone but it works perfectly fine.

9/08/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Alicia M. from Devine, TX

Love it. Works great. Nothing wrong with it at all.

9/08/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Brittney W. from Pocahontas, AR

I am very pleased with the iPad which was accurately described.

9/08/2017 | iPad Mini 32GB WiFi | Stuart J. from Raleigh, NC

It looked brand new and works as if it were new. Love it!

9/08/2017 | iPad 4 32GB WiFi + 4G LTE (AT&T) | Kal S. from Huntington Beach, CA

Time between order and shipment takes way to long to be a business this size.

9/08/2017 | iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 4G LTE (AT&T) | Alex H. from Las Vegas, NV

My device arrived exactly as described; I am frustrated my coupon did not apply

9/08/2017 | Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB (Verizon) | Martin R. from Asheville, NC

I love this phone it just about has everything, easy to use...

9/07/2017 | MacBook Pro 13.3" (Early 2011) | Elzbieta J. from Newtown, CT

Very happy w/purchase and condition of the MacBook was just as described

9/07/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (AT&T) | Joseph D. from Little Falls, NY

i bought this for my fiancé and he's in love! a very happy man

9/07/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Unlocked) | Elizabeth F. from Middletown, NY

Five star! It would be best if the phone comes with the converter.

9/07/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (AT&T) | Jennifer H. from Pratt, KS

Phone in great condition. Very happy would order again.

9/07/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Christopher L. from Perkasie, PA

Received it in great condition and in a timely fashion!

9/07/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 128GB (Unlocked) | Jack W. from Ecorse, MI

Phone was in great shape & works amazing :heart:️

9/07/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Verizon) | Margaret O. from Albany, CA

Bought iPhone 6 a couple weeks ago. LOVE IT!!!! :o)

9/07/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Sprint) | Richard N. from Myrtle Beach, SC

I was very pleased with this product and the customer service as well.

9/07/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (AT&T) | Ted T. from Fincastle, VA

The phone was in excellent condition and was easily activated by AT&T

9/07/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Terriese S. from Oceanside, CA

Phone was good the charging plug didn't work that came with the phone purchase

9/07/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Margaret L. from Toms River, NJ

Phone was locked out and to be sent back. Still waiting to receive credit on my card!!!

9/07/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (AT&T) | Rachael W. from Carrboro, NC

Works fine accept Home button. Set up assistive technology alternative.

9/07/2017 | iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB WiFi | Jenene H. from Hope Mills, NC

Received my IPad in perfect condition. Have enjoyed it so much.

9/06/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (AT&T) | Latiesha P. from Dover, DE

I bought cheapest condition but it was still excellent. Awesome price and condition

9/06/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (Unlocked) | Frank B. from Glendale, CA

Impressed with condition kinda annoyed with the constant emails to review. Overall happy.

9/06/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Rhonda N. from Iola, KS

Bought this for my mother. Great value in excellent condition.

9/05/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (AT&T) | Stan S. from Bolivar, MO

Another great purchase from Gazelle. It came as described and have had no issues thus far.

9/05/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Trevor B. from Mills River, NC

The phone was very good. It is definitely worth the buy

9/05/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Yvette S. from Missouri City, TX

This phone was in better condition than expected and was easy to activate with Verison

9/05/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Monique L. from Compton, CA

Phone was in excellent condition and has worked flawlessly.

9/05/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (AT&T) | Rick S. from Sparks, NV

I'm not sure the phone was worth the almost $500 I paid for it, but it is nice.

9/05/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (AT&T) | Rex A. from Gastonia, NC

Phone was exactly as described; shipping was fast.

9/04/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Unlocked) | Kelley P. from Chesapeake, VA

Arrived a bit scratched on the case, but overall exactly as expected

9/04/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (Verizon) | Louise C. from Plano, TX

Phone does crazy things at times, thought about returning but I think it will be ok

9/04/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 16GB (Unlocked) | James R. from West Chester, PA

I placed my order and received the phone in less than a week. Very happy with phone.

9/04/2017 | iPhone 5 64GB (Unlocked) | Amy W. from Kirkland, WA

The phones touchscreen did not work. I returned it.

9/04/2017 | iPhone 5 64GB (AT&T) | Ryan E. from Napa, CA

This was a purchase for my grandson who is turning 12. Good value!

9/04/2017 | iPad Mini 3 16GB WiFi | Kristin B. from Flourtown, PA

Had it less than 30 days and screen has line in it

9/04/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 (Verizon) | Brittany D. from Saint Joseph, MI

Fair condition is amazing. Only one minor blemish nears s-pen

9/03/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Verizon) | Slavica G. from Hicksville, NY

I purchased a device listed as good but it's actually in excellent condition.

9/03/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Markika H. from Indianapolis, IN

Excellent phone / fast and simply easy transaction

9/03/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Unlocked) | Angelina L. from Thiells, NY

Phone is in great cosmetic condition but the battery condition is not equally as good

9/03/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Kim T. from Fort Worth, TX

Perfect condition, was amazed when I opened the box.

9/03/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Unlocked) | John I. from Knoxville, TN

Happy with purchase. Bought it as s gift it looks great. Didn't try how it works yet.

9/03/2017 | iPad Air 16GB WiFi | Amy B. from Virginia Beach, VA

Good deal, fast ship and looks and operates just like new

9/03/2017 | iPad Air 128GB WiFi | Noreen C. from Berkeley Heights, NJ

I bought 'this for my son who needed it for school . He loves it.

9/03/2017 | iPad 2 16GB WiFi | Elizabeth C. from Miami, FL

Item arrived quicker then expected and is in good shape. Everything works as it should

9/02/2017 | MacBook Air 13.3" (Early 2014) | Lisa O. from Fairmont, WV

Great transaction and great product in excellent condition.

9/02/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (Unlocked) | Roberta C. from Columbia, SC

The phone was defective. The return process was easy.

9/02/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Trevor G. from Upper Darby, PA

It is as much as I can expect for an used and Fair phone

9/02/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (AT&T) | Catherine K. from Philadelphia, PA

The 5c phone was in better condition than I expected.

9/02/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Julio G. from Bronx, NY

returned did not work at all spoke with representative waiting for my refund

9/02/2017 | iPad Mini 32GB WiFi | Rachel H. from Bozeman, MT

Prices affordable and product delivered quick and in excellent condition.

9/02/2017 | iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi | Carla L. from Boston, MA

Delivered exactly as described. very well packaged

9/02/2017 | iPad Mini 16GB WiFi | Leslie L. from Denton, TX

Thanks for fast delivery and I am totally satisfied with my purchase!

9/02/2017 | iPad 4 32GB WiFi | Clay T. from Indian Land, SC

why did I have to pay tax since you do not have a physical presence in KY?

9/02/2017 | iPad 2 16GB WiFi | Joseph C. from Topsham, ME

My daughter is enjoying her birthday gift. Thank you

9/01/2017 | MacBook Pro 13.3" (Mid 2012) | Beatriz E. from Evanston, IL

Exactly as described. Fully functional MacBook Pro for a fraction of retail.

9/01/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Verizon) | Deborah B. from Fuquay Varina, NC

The phone arrived in excellent condition, like it was just out of the box.

9/01/2017 | iPhone 7 128GB (Unlocked) | Christine C. from Saratoga, CA

Love it it looks like it's in excellent condition!

9/01/2017 | iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T) | Heidi B. from Elk Grove, CA

Great condition. Saw no problems with it at all and it works great

9/01/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Joel S. from Arlington, MA

Great condition; works perfectly and extremely pleased with overall experience.

9/01/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Earle G. from Bedford, VA

A couple of minor problems. Took care of me 100%. Great company.

9/01/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (AT&T) | Cindy T. from Cartersville, GA

Phone is is great condition and in perfect working order.

9/01/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Rachel H. from Sleepy Hollow, NY

This was in perfect condition. Battery life seems normal. Would buy again.

9/01/2017 | iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi | Erik P. from Pittsford, NY

Gazelle earned me as a repeat customer. Very high compliments and fully recommended.

8/31/2017 | MacBook Pro 17" (Late 2011) | Michael R. from Carmichael, CA

Item is in good condition. Works great. Received it sooner than I expected. Thank you.

8/31/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (AT&T) | Staci M. from Yacolt, WA

Purchased a "good" condition phone and it seems excellent to me!

8/31/2017 | iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T) | Nathan P. from Camden, ME

Great website, great prices, great delivery. Will buy again from Gazelle.

8/31/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 16GB (Unlocked) | Ronald F. from Pueblo West, CO

This phone is in Excellent Condition we just love t.

8/31/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Sherri K. from Milledgeville, GA

Absolutely love my phone!!!!Thanks phone in excellent condition no complaints ver happy

8/31/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Jimmy F. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sad to see old phone float away. Gazelle makes replacement quick and easy.

8/31/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Unlocked) | Terri R. from Tyler, TX

I am fully satisfied with the performance of this IPhone

8/31/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Patricia W. from Port Charlotte, FL

I paid for 2 day air. My phone arrived a week later. A week.

8/30/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (AT&T) | Rick R. from Canterbury, CT


8/30/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Christy H. from Satellite Beach, FL

The iPhone 6s Plus was locked. It wasn't unlocked like it said it was. So I sent it back.

8/29/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Cheryl O. from Mesquite, TX

Works perfect, great condition, barely can notice a scratch on the back

8/29/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Elizabeth M. from Bourbonnais, IL

Looks good, but the battery is not holding a charge as long as it should

8/28/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Verizon) | Leicia R. from Clovis, CA

Quick delivery, excellent phone condition, so far a perfect functioning device.

8/28/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (AT&T) | Sarah M. from Lafayette, LA

phone is terrific ordered fast ships, foul up took three xtra days they refunded the 14.99

8/28/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Wayne P. from Ponte Vedra, FL

Pretty good happy with my purchase although it glitches out sometimes

8/28/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Patrice C. from East Point, GA

Very easy process. Excellent price. The phone and accessories look brand new.

8/28/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Trisha C. from Kapolei, HI

It was bent, and I was advised by gazelle customer service to send back

8/28/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Kimberly K. from Spring City, PA

Well worth it. And I love it,easy and fast. Thanks

8/28/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Dax R. from East Point, GA

I was shocked at the better than good condition of my iPad. It looks brand new.

8/28/2017 | iPad Air 32GB WiFi | John H. from Beaver Dam, WI

Great price. This is the place to buy any Apple products. I recommend it often.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Sarah G. from St. Petersburg, FL

There's only show of use at the top left corner, but it's perfect condition.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 16GB (AT&T) | Anne-Sabine N. from Winters, CA

The phone I received was suppose to be unlocked but was not.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (Verizon) | Philip D. from Wentzville, MO

Makes me never want to buy a new phone ever again!

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (AT&T) | Natalie B. from Renton, WA

Phone arrived when it was supposed to and has worked brilliantly right out of the box.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Lyndi U. from Sherman, TX

Tried to contact customer service multiple times would not respond. This company blows

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Verizon) | Ross B. from Naples, FL

Quick delivery, very competitive prices, easy to navigate website.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Alice G. from Durham, NC

My daughter loves it and has had no problems thus far.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (Sprint) | Terry M. from Twin Falls, ID

Ordered for my 10-yr old son and it is working perfectly.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Tremane W. from Scott Afb, IL

The phone broke while attempting to turn it on. That happened the day I received it.

8/27/2017 | iPhone 5C 8GB (Sprint) | Bruce E. from Bedias, TX

As described, just had to bring to sprint store to turn on.

8/27/2017 | iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi | Tamaria M. from Leland, NC

The Ipad Mini 2 was in like new condition and works great. Shipping was prompt.

8/27/2017 | iPad 2 32GB WiFi | Paul L. from Spring, TX

5-star company in every way. Have recommended Gazelle to others.

8/27/2017 | Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928F 64GB (Unlocked) | Kelly H. from Pittsburgh, PA

I bought iPhone 6S plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 I glad Thanks

8/27/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A 64GB (AT&T) | Terry P. from Galloway, OH

About the most uncoordinated place I have ever dealings with.

8/26/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (Sprint) | John A. from Duncan, OK

The phone was already connected to a phone number so I was unable to connect to my number.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Verizon) | Jace V. from Lemon Grove, CA

Your company didn't check if the prior account was delinquent. I was very disappointed.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Verizon) | Victor L. from Aventura, FL

Phone was sold to me stolen. Could not activate and sent back for credit

8/26/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Unlocked) | Jordan W. from South Dennis, MA

Was not unlocked as presented. Had to return phone.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (T-Mobile) | Sanjay P. from Wellesley, MA

Awesome device condition and awesome service. We'll recommend. Thanks

8/26/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 16GB (AT&T) | Robert E. from Toms River, NJ

It was great !! But paid extra for early shipping an came 4 days late !!!!!!!!!

8/26/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Susan J. from Plymouth, MA

Works so well! Came ion better condition than I expected. Will order from them again.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Maryann M. from Altoona, PA

I'm tired but my little sister has a great heart of a drink she has a good day

8/26/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Mark K. from Rapid City, SD

Despite breaking in period battery still seems to lose charge quickly.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | Edward C. from Fayetteville, GA

Great battery life, no scratches, fast, great price, no complaints.

8/26/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Deborah S. from Burnsville, MN

Phone arivived in time and works well customer svc was easy to deal with

8/26/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Joey H. from Lewisville, TX

Phone had to be returned. Arrived in non-working condition

8/26/2017 | iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB WiFi | Bryan R. from North Bend, OR

Great experience with gazelle! I'm very satisfied.

8/26/2017 | iPad Air 128GB WiFi | Timothy S. from Syracuse, NY

Received the iPad promptly. It looks brand new and works perfectly.

8/26/2017 | Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB (Verizon) | Jonathan G. from North Chesterfield, VA

Satisfied with everything ! Phone is great, delivery just as promised! Thank you.

8/25/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (AT&T) | Carolyn M. from Graham, WA

Everything is what they said it would be. It's actually better then it's rating.

8/25/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Alexa F. from Salisbury, NC

The phone glitches horribly when it's near death and the fingerprint thing hardly works

8/25/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Verizon) | Mark P. from Santa Rosa, CA

My daughter is very happy with her Iphone 6 we bought from Gazelle. It is working great.

8/25/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (AT&T) | Jennifer T. from Eagan, MN

Process was easy and cosmetic dentistry condition was better than expected

8/25/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Verizon) | Tony S. from Lakeland, TN

We are very pleased with the iPhone 5! Easy to set up and charges fast. Very satisfied!!

8/25/2017 | iPad Mini 16GB WiFi | Mary S. from Huntington, CT

Ipad mini runs very well and the exterior looks good also. Very please!

8/25/2017 | Galaxy S6 SM-G920V 32GB (Verizon) | Carol M. from Tafton, PA

I ordered a Samsung galaxy s6 and I'm very happy with it! I will use this site again

8/24/2017 | iPhone SE 64GB (AT&T) | Reyna C. from East Carondelet, IL

My IPhone SE looks and performs like new and a cost I could afford. Thank you Gazelle!

8/24/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (Unlocked) | Derek B. from Aurora, CO

Condition was great, looks new and has been working well so far!

8/24/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (AT&T) | Yasmine G. from Winston Salem, NC

The phone arrived early and was like new. Very pleased.

8/24/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 128GB (Unlocked) | Michael R. from Corona, CA

I'm so happy with my iPhone 6+ no issues. Quick. Cheap(er). No brainer.

8/24/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Robert H. from Bothell, WA

It was exactly what I needed- good quality. I would recommend this company to friends.

8/24/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Deborah H. from Tonawanda, NY

So far, I have been very happy with my purchase from Gazelle!

8/24/2017 | iPhone 5 32GB (AT&T) | Ebony H. from Jacksonville, FL

Phone looks fine on exterior. But runs very slow and freezes a lot.

8/24/2017 | iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (AT&T) | Daniel K. from Lenexa, KS

I pad is great but Gazzell needs to step it up on shipping issues.

8/24/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V 32GB (Verizon) | Margaret L. from Toms River, NJ

Very good conditions haven't had any problems with my new phone yet

8/23/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (AT&T) | Elaine S. from Arlington, TX

Exceptional service and great product. Would buy again

8/23/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (Verizon) | Kimberly W. from Memphis, TN

It was great, Unfortunately, it was drop into a swimming pool.

8/23/2017 | iPad 3 16GB WiFi | Jennie B. from West Chester, PA

My wife has been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's working very well.

8/22/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Verizon) | Shy C. from Katy, TX

This phone looked like new and works great with a very strong battery life.

8/22/2017 | iPhone 7 128GB (Unlocked) | Isabel M. from Plymouth, MN

No issues with the phone, and it is in great condition, thank you!

8/22/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Daniel H. from Graceville, FL

so far....the phone has been great! will purchase another if it continues to be.

8/21/2017 | MacBook 12" (Early 2015) | Kufre I. from Houston, TX

Really happy with my purchase love gazelle thanks guys :thumbsup::type_3:

8/21/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Dennis M. from Montrose, CO

Received in good condition. Paid extra for overnight shipping and received it in 5 days!

8/21/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (Verizon) | Viktor T. from Chevy Chase, MD

I am very satisfied with both the product and customer service!

8/21/2017 | iPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi | Steve C. from Ironwood, MI

Exactly what I thought I was purchasing. It was in excellent condition.

8/21/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Barton M. from Lawton, OK

Exactly what i was looking for. Works great, mint condition.

8/21/2017 | iPad Air 16GB WiFi | Karen C. from Carmel, IN

Everything turned out perfect. The iPad works perfectly and is like brand new.

8/21/2017 | Galaxy S7 SM-G930A 32GB (AT&T) | Kathleen C. from Colorado Springs, CO

I purchased a fair item and in my opinion got an good item. Great shape.

8/20/2017 | MacBook Pro 13.3" (Mid 2012) | Laurie K. from Lawrenceville, NJ

The packages was poorly wrapped and they sent the wrong charger

8/20/2017 | MacBook Air 13.3" (Early 2014) | Richard I. from Marco Island, FL

I'm very pleased with the process; they have a huge variety...and its very affordable.

8/20/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Sprint) | Joan M. from Chapmansboro, TN

It was terrible, someone didnt pay off the bill so couldn't use it

8/20/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (AT&T) | Laura A. from Denver, CO

Paid the extra 14 for 2 Day shipping and it took more than a week!

8/20/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Karen B. from Windsor Mill, MD

Pretty good phone, just doesn't hold a charge very well. All fine otherwise!

8/19/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 256GB (AT&T) | Jeff P. from Grandview, TX

Was very pleased with this purchase. Looked brand new.

8/19/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Ken K. from Jacksonville, FL

You can barely tell this phone is not new. The battery runs down a little fast though.

8/19/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (AT&T) | Rachel B. from Fort Worth, TX

Extremely pleased with my phone. Looked brand new. Worked well!

8/19/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | William S. from Danbury, CT

The phone came in great condition and was ver easy to replace my old phone at my carrier

8/19/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | William M. from Glendale Heights, IL

Everything was the way I had hoped it would be. From start to finish.

8/19/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Philip M. from Montgomery, AL

Great used iPhone at a fair price for my switchfrom Samsung Android. So good.

8/19/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Todd V. from Roanoke, TX

Fast delivery and very satisfied with product was exactly what I ordered

8/19/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Megan C. from Lancaster, CA

I'm very happy with the condition and the performance of the iPad

8/19/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Janet R. from Farmingville, NY

I love this ipad pro! It works perfectly and I'm very happy with my perfect.

8/19/2017 | iPad Air 2 128GB WiFi | Marisa R. from Macon, GA

I purchased an iPad just to see the price drop by two hundred dollars within a day.

8/19/2017 | Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928V 32GB (Verizon) | Ann G. from Montclair, NJ

Works fine--had to have spectrum tech come and update wi-first -took 2hrs

8/18/2017 | iPhone 6S 32GB (Unlocked) | Margaret G. from Langhorne Manor, PA

Nicely done, phone was just what we ordered and in great condition, works like new.

8/18/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (AT&T) | Pedro G. from Grand Prairie, TX

Great price and took only 2 days for shipping, the phone works great

8/18/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (AT&T) | Douglas C. from Las Vegas, NV

The phone looks in very good condition. This is a good deal so far.

8/18/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (Unlocked) | Srivatsan V. from Austin, TX

Device as described and works great! My daughter very happy! Thanks!!

8/18/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Viraphone S. from Marlboro, MA

Great phone in better c9ndition than expected...near perfect!

8/18/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Dan B. from Fletcher, NC

Very solid phone, grade/description very accurate.

8/18/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Unlocked) | Danielle R. from Nashville, TN

phone was delivered in excellent condition, teenager happy now

8/18/2017 | iPad Pro 9.7" 256GB WiFi | Monica R. from Spring Valley, CA

iPad came damaged insufficient packaging ,shipping delayed for a week

8/18/2017 | iPad Air 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Verizon) | Kathleen O. from Croton On Hudson, NY

Works well. Good packaging. Overall very happy with my purchase.

8/18/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi | Catherine L. from Warrensville, OH

This is the third iPad we have purchased from Gazelle, that says it all.

8/17/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Rebecca A. from Evansville, IN

Quality of the phone refurbishing looks top notch. Works great so far.

8/17/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | John O. from Bainbridge Island, WA

Got it as "fair" - could have passed for good or excellent by my standards.

8/17/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Casey C. from Phoenix, AZ

Very satisfied- came in the condition as expected -

8/17/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Cindy W. from Honeybrook, PA

I ordered fair and it came basically brand new and in a very timely manner

8/17/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (AT&T) | Rick Griffith from Scottsdale, AZ

Love the new phone, it is in great shape and so far it works great!

8/17/2017 | iPhone 5C 32GB (Verizon) | Ida P. from Spartanburg, SC

Just what I was looking for. Worked perfectly free shipping also TY Gazelke

8/17/2017 | iPhone 5C 16GB (Verizon) | Anthony A. from Lake Grove, NY

Phone came on time and seems to be in very good condition

8/17/2017 | iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi | Audrey B. from Apple Valley, CA

It did not work at all. Looked good on the outside the software was shot

8/17/2017 | Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB (Verizon) | Larry B. from Brooklyn, NY

This phone arrived in tip-top condition. Very pleased. Thanks so much!

8/16/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (AT&T) | Laura H. from Downers Grove, IL

All went very well. Phone was in great shape and works perfectly.

8/15/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (T-Mobile) | Szymon M. from Woodinville, WA

Great iPhone and great price perfect for my granddaughter

8/15/2017 | Galaxy S7 SM-G930A 32GB (AT&T) | Martin B. from Albany, NY

Very impressed with the like new condition of my galaxy S7

8/14/2017 | iPhone SE 64GB (AT&T) | Michael W. from Pennington, NJ

I love my new phone. You could never tell it was previously owned!

8/14/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (T-Mobile) | Cora S. from Califon, NJ

Phone works perfect as if it were brand new ! Thanks Gazelle !

8/14/2017 | iPhone 7 128GB (Verizon) | Melissa S. from Clay, NY

The iphone 7 I got through Gazelle works perfectly. No problems so far.

8/14/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Chris O. from Thornton, CO

As expected. Timely. Better condition than advertised. Works great.

8/14/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (AT&T) | Tomas M. from Carlsbad, NM

Phone didn't work sending back battery doesn't keep a charge

8/13/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Verizon) | Oumou D. from Clifton Park, NY

Quick shipment and no issues linking the phone to carrier.

8/13/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Andrew H. from Slidell, LA

I ordered it unlocked but when I received it it was locked

8/13/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Diane S. from Memphis, TN

No problems with item. Condition was as advertised.

8/13/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (AT&T) | Desiree C. from Baltimore, MD

Just what I ordered. Could have been shipped faster.

8/13/2017 | iPhone 5 64GB (Verizon) | Michael S. from Salem, OR


8/13/2017 | iPad Air 16GB WiFi | Robert P. from Visalia, CA

Great service with an excellent leader reconditioned iPad

8/13/2017 | iPad 4 128GB WiFi | Kathleen C. from Sylvania, OH

Came in better condition than I was expecting. Gazelle rocks

8/12/2017 | MacBook Air 13.3" (Early 2014) | Robert F. from Charlotte, NC

I bought this macbook for my wife and she absolutely loves it. It came in great condition.

8/12/2017 | iPhone SE 64GB (Sprint) | Chester S. from Baton Rouge, LA

Condition was listed as "good". In my estimate it was EXCELLENT for a used iPhone!

8/12/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Dean C. from Sun Lakes, AZ

Deeper bumps than described lots of scratches on screen. Would exchange

8/12/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (Unlocked) | Deborah C. from Gloversville, NY

Ordered in good condition and almost no noticeable cosmetic flaws

8/12/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | Douglas J. from Wilton, CT

Disappointed to get the phone and find out that "unlocked" does not include Verizon

8/12/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Shirley C. from Broken Arrow, OK

Got this phone as "fair" condition but it was in excellent condition!

8/12/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Sylvia J. from Leesburg, VA

I purchase iPad Pro 12.9 and received iPad 9.6. Took one week to get my money back.

8/12/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T 64GB (T-Mobile) | Mark K. from New Smyrna Beach, FL

I ordered a 64gb and got sent a 32gb but very satisfied with my phone great deal.

8/12/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A 64GB (AT&T) | Dawn P. from Pflugerville, TX

My Note 4 recently died and there was no way I was going to pay for a new Note

8/11/2017 | MacBook Air 13.3" (Early 2014) | Jaimie M. from Poway, CA

Love buying from here! I've bought my phone and laptop and ipad already! Love it!

8/11/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 256GB (AT&T) | Mike D. from Huffman, TX

Excellent transaction, quick fast shipping phone in amazing condition

8/11/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (Verizon) | Jules L. from Bridgeport, CT

Phone was exactly as described. Works perfectly, beautiful phone. Easy transaction.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Helen G. from Sacramento, CA

I'm happy with the phone. It was exactly as advertised. The phone has no defects.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (AT&T) | Matthew B. from Mcalisterville, PA

Phone is great, but it doesn't hold a charge for very long.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Verizon) | Shelly H. from Endwell, NY

The phone was on great condition but the screen had a flicker.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Tyla C. from Staten Island, NY

A friend recommended Gazelle. I was not sure what to expect. It works, phones are good.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (AT&T) | Sarah T. from Chula Vista, CA

Phone was in good condition, haven't had any problems.

8/11/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Charles B. from Seguin, TX

They sent me a phone that won't turn on or work. Do not buy from Gazelle.

8/11/2017 | iPad Mini 2 16GB WiFi | Gisele W. from Ione, CA

I bought this iPad for my father. It was in great condition - just like new!

8/11/2017 | iPad 2 16GB WiFi | Michael B. from Norfolk, VA

I'm enjoying my purchase.very satisfied.thank you.

8/11/2017 | Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB (Unlocked) | Alfonso P. from Rego Park, NY

Worst experience ever. I dnt think I'll ever purchase another device from here

8/10/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (Unlocked) | Omar Z. from Renton, WA

Received the iPhone as described. Reliable service.

8/10/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Sprint) | Salvador R. from San Antonio, TX

Phone silent on/off button was jammed, minor dents in the phone.

8/10/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (AT&T) | Freddie C. from Lorain, OH

Product arrived sooner than anticipated and in better condition than I thought

8/10/2017 | iPhone 5S 64GB (AT&T) | Thomas R. from Brewster, MA

Everything works great. Good price. Quick shipping. Zero complaints

8/10/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Linda L. from Lake Villa, IL

Will buy from gazelle again based on this purchase.

8/10/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Eri C. from Clifton Park, NY

Device is in good condition, works well and arrived quickly.

8/10/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Diane D. from Oceanport, NJ

it works well, Battery Holds a charge No Complains so far.

8/07/2017 | MacBook Pro 13.3" Retina (Early 2015) | Chris K. from Brick, NJ

You would never know anyone else had used the laptop

8/07/2017 | MacBook Air 13.3" (Mid 2013) | J S. from Argyle, TX

Arrived in perfect condition, and seems to be working just fine!

8/07/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (AT&T) | David C. from Red Lion, PA

Bought a fair condition phone. It came way better than I expected!

8/07/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Patricia H. from Salinas, CA

My phone came looking brand new. I purchased "Good", but it came excellent!

8/07/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Barry C. from Waddell, AZ

So far everything is working great and the phone was as advertized

8/07/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (AT&T) | Perla G. from Fresno , CA

Near perfect condition! Excellent purchase, fast shipping.

8/07/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 128GB (AT&T) | Gavin W. from Sunset, LA

Phone arrived on time and works as new. Very satisfied.

8/07/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (T-Mobile) | Samuel J. from Shreveport, LA

I purchased a Good condition phone and I can't find a flaw. Great deal.

8/07/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Emily W. from Clarion, PA

I had a misunderstanding about two day shipping but other than that a good experience.

8/07/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Unlocked) | Anna H. from Rapid City, MI

Quick shipping. Phone as described. No issues at all.

8/07/2017 | iPad Mini 2 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Verizon) | Samantha M. from Berlin, NJ

it did not come with an owners manual or similar quick setup sheet

8/07/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi | Stephanie J. from Lawrenceville, GA

Quick shipping, device works as expected. No noticeable scratches.

8/07/2017 | iPad Air 2 64GB WiFi | Kim S. from Annapolis, MD

Prompt delivery, easy to navigate website, and in condition as advertised. 5 stars.

8/07/2017 | iPad 4 32GB WiFi | Dana J. from Berthoud, CO

Got my iPad took 24 hours to charge to 45% sent it back it no good. Distatisfied.

8/07/2017 | iPad 2 32GB WiFi | Nicole C. from West Jordan, UT

I like it but am having trouble getting my Facebook and Email on it without a manual

8/07/2017 | Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925V 32GB (Verizon) | Ernest G. from Lucedale, MS

Ordered this phone in Good condition. No scratches or dings, works fine.

8/06/2017 | iPhone SE 16GB (Unlocked) | Judi S. from Kingman, AZ

Quick Smooth transaction. The phone looks great. Would definitely buy from them again.

8/06/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 16GB (Unlocked) | Stuart M. from Negaunee, MI

I am having a few screen response issues but other than that it's great

8/06/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Cindi D. from Rosenberg, TX

Cost was good and received on time. Quality equaled description

8/06/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Murali P. from Newcastle, WA

Got my phone with no imperfections and works great!!!!

8/06/2017 | iPad Air 16GB WiFi | Jeff P. from Chapel Hill, NC

You guys sent me an iPad that's in really awesome condition you guys are awesome!

8/05/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Verizon) | Kemberly M. from South Bend, IN

Very pleased with condition, quality, shipping was fast & secure

8/05/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi | Patricia R. from University Park, MD

Pkg came right on time and customer service was awesome. I would buy from gazelle again.

8/05/2017 | iPad Mini 2 32GB WiFi + 4G LTE (AT&T) | Jesse C. from Santa Maria, CA

Small nick on the back of the device but otherwise in perfect shape!!

8/05/2017 | iPad Air 64GB WiFi | Colin B. from Centennial, CO

In better condition than I expected. Works great. I would order again.

8/05/2017 | iPad Air 2 128GB WiFi | Endya C. from Tulsa, OK

My IPad arrived early and was in better than good condition.

8/04/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (Unlocked) | Beth B. from Osprey, FL

Just what I ordered. Very happy with it. Thank you.

8/04/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Kerry F. from University Place, WA

The entire screen was pitted with pocket wear, never seen such a worn phone. Returned.

8/04/2017 | iPhone 6 64GB (Unlocked) | Brenden J. from San Leandro, CA

Device is good but, i expected headphones are apple product but got some other brand

8/04/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Unlocked) | Jenna B. from Mentor, OH

I had chosen fail condition but I received an excellent condition device!

8/04/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (AT&T) | Emily M. from Monroe City, MO

Very pleased with the iPhone 6. Super clean and easy transaction.

8/04/2017 | iPad Mini 16GB WiFi | Erica M. from Allen, TX

Cracked. Not acceptable. Gazelle agreed to return. Off to the post office

8/03/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (AT&T) | Steven W. from Fresno, CA

Couldn't ask for a better phone. Perfect condition, good price point. Very happy!!:grin:

8/03/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Unlocked) | Kenneth S. from Sunset, TX

Phone looked and performs as advertised. The condition loked brand new.

8/03/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Unlocked) | Jim A. from Saint George, UT

Thank for making it possible to have an I phone and with e even better service and price.

8/02/2017 | iPhone 5C 8GB (Verizon) | William S. from Fort Polk, LA

I am so pleased with my iphone5. Everything I hoped for.

8/02/2017 | Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928T 64GB (T-Mobile) | George M. from Blue Bell, PA

Purchased a 64GB phone and received a 32GB version which was locked.

8/01/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Verizon) | Kimberly B. from Republic, MO

Received in like-new condition & my husband is happy!

7/31/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 128GB (T-Mobile) | Terri B. from Richfield, MN

The iphone7 plus turn completely off at 50 percent of charge is this normal

7/31/2017 | iPhone 7 32GB (Unlocked) | Allen H. from Jackson, MI

It's a great phone so far for a decent price. I'm happy with my purchase.

7/31/2017 | iPhone 6S 128GB (AT&T) | Brenda B. from Kalamazoo, MI

Ordered an iPhone 6S, received it promptly. Phone is of good qualify, easy to set up.

7/31/2017 | iPhone 5S 32GB (Verizon) | Fred M. from Lancaster, PA

Very happy with the quality and value. Phone works perfectly and is in great shape.

7/30/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (Unlocked) | Russel W. from Greenville, SC

Very pleased with phone! Only had it for a little over a week, but so far, so good!

7/30/2017 | iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (AT&T) | Alan M. from Santa Clarita, CA

The phone was bought for my daughter. She is very happy with it.

7/29/2017 | iPhone 7 Plus 32GB (Unlocked) | Joe L. from Saint Petersburg, FL

The phone wasn't unlocked because the person who had the phone didn't pay

7/29/2017 | iPhone 6S Plus 64GB (Unlocked) | Andrew O. from Wylie, TX

The phone works flawlessly and did not find any flaws or scratches.

7/29/2017 | iPhone 6 128GB (Verizon) | Paul G. from Chicago, IL

Phone arrived in as good if not better condission then expected.

7/29/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (Unlocked) | Sarah S. from Davie, FL

Phone better than expected. Looks great, works great.

7/29/2017 | iPhone 5S 16GB (AT&T) | Jerry J. from Murfreesboro, TN

My third phone to purchase from Gazelle and all have been great.

7/29/2017 | iPad Pro 9.7" 32GB WiFi | Carie G. from Bloomfield, NY

I will only buy from Gazelle from now on since finding them........A plus

7/28/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Robert K. from Mount Vernon, WA

Battery power is questionable. Will wait a few days and maybe return

7/28/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (Verizon) | Lavall C. from East Palo Alto, CA

Works great, was as described. When I have to buy another phone we will use you.

7/28/2017 | iPad Pro 12.9" 128GB WiFi + 4G LTE (Unlocked) | Kimberly M. from Tacoma, WA

My iPad was exactly as promised. I am delighted and will purchase from gazelle again.

7/27/2017 | iPhone 6S 128GB (Sprint) | Sam C. from Tulsa, OK

Great company and a great phone. I am very happy so far!

7/27/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Andrew M. from Youngstown, OH

arrived in great condition and easy to get up and running

7/27/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Unlocked) | Marie M. from Beaumont, TX

The phone we delivered on time and in better condition that I expected.

7/27/2017 | Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V 32GB (Verizon) | Kailah T. from Waianae, HI

Great deal on a phone that looks and works like new. Thanks Gazelle!

7/24/2017 | Galaxy S5 SM-G900V 16GB (Verizon) | Starla W. from Carter, OK

Extremely satisfied with my current purchase. WIll use this site again in the future.

7/19/2017 | iPhone 6S 64GB (AT&T) | Mike M. from Studio City, CA

Had a little trouble with the screen the first day, but seems to be working now

7/19/2017 | iPhone 6 16GB (Verizon) | Latunya H. from Cartersville, GA

Bought one in 'fair' condition. Found only one scratch!

7/19/2017 | iPhone 5C 8GB (AT&T) | Eric A. from Denton, TX

For what I paid, this was worth it. It runs a little slow, but it works.

7/18/2017 | iPhone 6S 16GB (T-Mobile) | Donna R. from Asheboro, NC

the phone itself looked good but the screen kept going black and glitching

7/18/2017 | iPhone 5 16GB (AT&T) | Matthew B. from Lafayette, CO

The iPhone is in great shape, working as expected.