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Welcome to our Help Center! Below you will find frequently asked questions about Gazelle Accounts and more.

How to Login

We made logging in simpler! Visit our page here and continue logging in by entering your email address and password.

How to Create an Account

Visit our account creation page here. Proceed to enter your email address, password, first name, and last name. Your password should be 8 or more characters using letters, numbers and symbols.
Once you enter your details, a confirmation code will be sent to the email you registered with. You may click on "Confirm Account" in the email we sent you, or you can enter the code on our site.

Success! You have now created an account.

Changing your account password

You can change your password once you are logged into your account. To access your account details, locate Account () in our main menu. Hover over Account and click on Account Details.
Under Personal Information, you will see your Name, Email Address, and Password. Proceed to click on Change Password.
Once your screen refreshes to our Change Password page, enter and submit your new password, and the confirmation code sent to your email. Success! You have now changed your password.

Reset your password

Forgot your password? We're here to help! Visit our Login page here and click on Forgot your password? . Enter your email to get started. To change your password, you will need to enter in a new password, using 8 or more characters of letters, numbers and symbol; and the confirmation code sent to your email address. Once you are done, click on Reset Password. Success! You have now reset your password.

How to view your recent orders

To view your recent orders, login to your account by clicking Log In on the top right of your browser.Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your Transaction History, and Account Details. Resume clicking on Transaction History to browse your recent or past orders with us. 

How to track your order

There are several ways to track your order. We send updates to your email, with your order confirmation, any fulfillment updates including when your order is on the way, and when your order is delivered. Check both your spam or inbox for any updates from us! Additionally, you may log into your account to view your Transaction History. Here you will see a list of your past and recent orders. Look for the order you would like to track, click View Order and you will proceed to see all your orders details including your Tracking Number. 

How to check the status of your order


To check the status of your order, log in to your account to view your Transaction History. Look for your order name to view the Fulfillment Status on your order. An unfulfilled order means we are working hard on processing your order. Fulfilled means your order has been shipped. On this page, you can also view the payment status of your order (paid, refunded, cancelled). 


To check the status of your transaction, log in to your account to view your Transaction History. Look for your order name to view the Fulfillment Status on your transaction.

Our status and their meanings:
  • Pending
    • Trade created, not yet received/delivered.
  • Received
    • received, but not yet inspected.
  • Inspected
    • inspected, awaiting system update for offer.
  • Accepted
    • You have accepted the offer, or our system has auto-accepted it.
  • Paid
    • Your payment has been submitted.
  • Declined
    • You declined the offer.
  • Returned
    • You have declined offer and device(s) were returned.
  • Cancelled
    • Trade no longer valid or item not found in box.

How to cancel or modify your order

To cancel or modify your order, contact our Customer Support team for assistance. 

Where can I find saved addresses on my account?

To find your address book, log in to your account by clicking Log In, on the top right area of your browser. Click on Account Details to view what addresses are saved on your account.

How to change your default shipping address

Log in to your account, and click on Account Details to find your saved addresses. You may add a new default address here, or edit an existing one. Default an existing address under You Addresses by clicking Edit

Is my personal information safe with Gazelle?

Gazelle never sells or shares any of your personal information unless you have specifically opted in to receive offers from our partners. Additionally, during our inspection process all devices receive a full wipe and factory restore prior to or during inspection and we destroy any SIM or memory cards that our customers forget to remove.

Please Note: If you do forget to take out your memory card or SIM and your phone is sent to us, we will be unable to send the SIM or memory card back to you should you decide to cancel your transaction as they are destroyed immediately upon the start of the inspection process.

Delete my customer data

To delete your customer data, contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Need more help?

Send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

Need more help?

Send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can!