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Looking for Frequently Asked Questions related to shipping us your device? We're here to help!

Where does Gazelle ship to?

Gazelle ships within the U.S. We do not ship to P.O. boxes or APO addresses or internationally.


Does Gazelle provide a Shipping Label for trade-ins?

Yes! When creating a transaction with Gazelle, we provide a fast and easy shipping kit for your devices.

Check your email for a pre-paid packing slip from us. If you have not received your label, reach out to our Customer Support team here. Be sure to include your transaction number (it could start with PS or SR) in the subject of your ticket. 


Do I have to go to the Post Office to ship my item?

Gazelle offers the shipping options of USPS or FedEx only. Based on the size and weight of your item, you will have either a USPS label or a FedEx label.

If we have sent you a prepaid USPS label, you can bring your package to any Postal facility or arrange a pickup with any carrier.

If you have a FedEx label, you can bring your box to any FedEx Office or Worldwide Service Center location. You can bring the label with you and have it packed using FedEx's packing services. (Optional)

My package was denied by USPS, what should I do next?

If your package was denied, contact our Customer Support team here to receive a new shipping label


Can I use the shipping label you sent on a different box?

You can use the label we send you on any box.

If you lost your label, we have two great options for you:

  1. Print the shipping label by looking up your order under Track My Offers on the site. Once printed, put it on any sturdy box that you may have and take the package to your local Post Office for shipment.
  2. Print the shipping label and go to your local Post Office and get a priority mail box that will fit your items.

Be sure to pack it carefully to avoid damage, and please remember to include your packing slip!


What if I had mailed my item to you but I forgot to include an accessory?

Good news! For iPhone and iPad, the quote you receive is for the unit ONLY. We encourage customers to please refrain from sending ANY accessories.


Can I send more than one item in the same box?

Yes, but please make sure you identify which device belongs to which offer by securing the "PS" number to the device.

If you have 2 or more transactions on different orders and would like to ship them using one box, we recommend securing each packing slip to it's respective device. Additionally, sometimes electronics moving through the mail in the same box can cause damage to each other, so please be sure to pack them carefully.

Please Note: Missing or mixed-up packing slips will cause delays at receiving and could affect the amount paid due to the mix up, or the time it takes to receive your payment.


What accessories do I need to send with my iPhone?

When selling a device to Gazelle, we suggest you send your device with a fully charged battery as this will speed the inspection process. Other than that, you do not need to send us anything as it does not impact your offer price.

Please note: If you do send in accessories (power cord, charger, USB cable, case, earbuds etc.) they - in most cases - cannot be returned to you. For sanitary reasons most items are discarded and recycled prior to inspection.

How to prepare device to ship to Gazelle

To ensure the fastest possible processing and payment for your device, please review the checklist below before sending your device to Gazelle.

  1. Disable “Find my” on your device.
  2. Delete your password, passkeys, Face-ID, or Touch IDs used to authenticate access into your device.
  3. Deactivate your service. If you plan on continuing service with your carrier network, remove your SIM instead. If you are an Apple user, and plan on switching to another operating system, deactivate iMessage on your Apple device to continue to receive SMS/MMS messages on your device.
  4. Reset your device to factory settings
  5. Remove your SIM Card if applicable.

Our recommendations:

  • Save your data: Backup your photos and files. If your device has an SD card, remove it. We will remove all personal data from the device.
  • Send only the device submitted through your self-evaluation: Please do not send any extra items that you did not submit online. We cannot pay you for additional items or accessories.
  • Charge your devices: Devices received with at least a partial charge can be processed faster.
  • If you're switching from an Apple device to something else, deactivate iMessage to ensure you continue to receive message on your new phone. Tap Settings, then Messages, and move the iMessage slider to OFF.

Please note:

  • We do not accept devices that have been reported lost or stolen.
  • If your device is sent to us with a password, or Find My turned on, this will restrict our team from inspecting your device, causing delays.
  • Offers are only valid through the expiration date listed in your email. Devices shipped after this date may receive a revised offer.

How to Package Your Device For Shipment

Packing up your phone is much easier than you may anticipate! Here are some recommended steps to take as your ship your phone to Gazelle:

  1. Gather the necessary materials:
    • A sturdy cardboard box that is slightly larger than the phone.
    • Bubble wrap or packing peanuts for cushioning.
    • A small box or envelope for accessories (charger, earphones, etc.).
    • Packing tape.
    • The prepaid label we will email to you.
    • Any additional padding materials, if needed.
  1. Prepare your device:
    • Power off your device completely.
    • Remove any SIM card, memory card, or other removable accessories.
    • Clean the phone gently using a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges.
    • Consider placing the phone in a protective case or wrapping it in a soft cloth to prevent scratches during transit.
  1. Protect your device:
    • Wrap your device securely in bubble wrap, ensuring that all sides are covered.
    • If using packing peanuts, fill the bottom of the cardboard box with a layer of peanuts.
    • Place the wrapped phone in the center of the box and fill the remaining space with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to prevent movement.
  1. Seal your package:
    • Close the cardboard box securely and ensure it is properly sealed with packing tape.
    • Shake the box gently to ensure there is no movement inside. If there is, add more packing material to fill any gaps.
  1. Label your shipping box with the prepaid label we sent you, or add the packing slip we sent you, to the box we sent you.
  1. Arrange shipment:
    • Choose a reliable shipping carrier and service that meets your requirements.

Need more help?

Send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

Need more help?

Send us an email and we will respond to you as soon as we can!