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Boost Mobile Phones

When shopping for a new phone, you need to consider many factors. One of the most important is which wireless network carrier you want to go with.

Boost Mobile ® is a common choice known for its low costs and having few strings attached. Before choosing this option, you should know a few things. Learn more about Boost Mobile phones and find out if they are the right fit for you.

About Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless service carrier. Sprint owned and operated Boost Mobile until DISH Network acquired the service in a merger.

Boost offers customers prepaid phone plans with no annual service contracts or data charges. Generally, Boost is a more affordable cell phone service compared to other popular carriers and provides users with flexible, low-cost plans.

You can buy phones through the service or opt for the “Bring Your Phone” option. With this option, you pay for a new Boost Mobile plan and use a device you already have or purchased somewhere else. Most 4G and 5G devices are compatible with Boost Mobile's network, but they must be unlocked from any other carrier.

Boost Mobile Pros and Cons

All wireless providers have their advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right fit for you and your needs depends on a few different factors.

Here are some of the pros of opting for Boost Mobile coverage:

  • Unlimited high-speed data
  • America's largest 5G network
  • No credit checks
  • No monthly bills
  • No overage fees
  • No data roaming charges 
  • Obligation-free prepaid service

However, Boost Mobile's service is not perfect for everyone. These are some of the cons of using this carrier:

  • No international data
  • No domestic roaming
  • Does not support eSIM

Overall, there are both positives and negatives with Boost and its coverage. Be sure you understand the service's benefits and limitations so you can decide if it will work for you.

What Brands of Boost Mobile Cell Phones Do We Sell?

At Gazelle, we carry various smartphone models that are compatible with Boost Mobile from these three major brands:

  • Apple ® iPhone: We carry many Boost Mobile iPhones, from models that are only a few years old to some of the newest models on the market today. 
  • Samsung ® Galaxy: We haveBoost Mobile Samsung phones in multiple models and styles, often including options that work with 5G. 
  • Google ® Pixel: TheBoost Mobile Pixel phones available from Gazelle include several models and sizes. 

Note that the specific smartphone models available from Gazelle are always changing as inventory updates.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Boost Mobile Phone

Before buying a Boost Mobile phone, you'll want to think about several different factors. Here are some important considerations:

1. Compatibility 

Most smartphone models can work with Boost Mobile's service. However, the device must be unlocked and cannot be connected to any other carrier, contract or financing agreement.

As long as the phone is unlocked and works with 4G or newer networks, it likely works with Boost. 

2. Boost Mobile SIM Card Kit

If you want to buy a phone to use on Boost Mobile's network, you will also have to buy a SIM card kit from the brand. 

If your device was using another carrier's SIM card, you'll need to remove that and replace it with a Boost one.

3. Storage

Consider the amount of storage you'll need before buying a new Boost phone. Your storage needs depend on what kind of smartphone user you are. If you like to take lots of photos or you use your phone for work, you may need more storage. If you generally use your device mainly for its basic functions like calling and text messaging, you likely do not need as much storage space.

4. Size and Color

Various colors and sizes of Boost smartphones are available from different brands. Consider what you prefer and which models come in the size and color you want.

5. Features

You'll likely want to consider a few different features when buying a new device. Explore the following elements to help you choose the right phone for you:

  • Battery life
  • Camera quality
  • Security features
  • Integrated functions
  • Wireless charging capability

6. Brand

Most technology users have a preferred brand for their tech gadgets. Consider models from the brand that you like most, but don't be afraid to explore other options as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Boost Phones

Here are some of the common questions and concerns people have when looking to buy a Boost Mobile phone.

1. Can I Use a Boost Mobile Phone Without a Contract? 

Boost Mobile is a prepaid service without long-term contracts. If you want to use a Boost phone with another carrier that does use contracts, you'll need to unlock your device first.

2. Can I Add a New Phone to the Boost Mobile Account I Already Have?

Yes! If you're replacing an existing device, you'll need to move the SIM card to your new phone and activate the device online. To add a new line to an existing account, you'll need to buy a Boost Mobile SIM card kit, activate your new device online and update your Boost Mobile plan to include another line.

3. How Can I Check if My Phone Is Compatible With Boost?

You can find out if your smartphone is compatible with Boost Mobile on their website. There is a full list of device IDs that work with the service. You can find your phone's device ID by dialing *#06# or by going to your operating system's settings.

4. Are There Boost Mobile iPhone Deals? 

Boost Mobile runs different deals on their iPhones and other smartphone models. They also periodically share offers that can help you save money on various plans. 

5. Can I Trade in a Boost Mobile Phone?

Boost Mobile does not have a trade-in program, but you can trade in your used Boost Phone with Gazelle. We will inspect your device for free. If it passes this inspection, we may make an offer on it. If you accept our offer, you'll receive payment once we confirm the device matches your description.

Explore Boost Mobile Phones from Gazelle

Gazelle offers certified pre-owned phones backed by a 30-day return policy with no contract requirement, so you can rest assured that you're getting the right device for you. Our honest pricing makes the checkout process easy for buyers. 

We have various models of Boost Mobile compatible smartphones available to make your shopping experience simple. 

Check out the Boost Mobile phones for sale from Gazelle, or contact us today!