Refurbished iPad Pro 11"

Gazelle Certified

Buy a Refurbished Used iPad Pro 11

Are you on the market for a budget-friendly iPad Pro 11-inch tablet? All of our refurbished iPad Pro models are Gazelle Certified and ready for work or play.


Why Purchase an iPad Pro 11?

The iPad Pro is a powerful and portable device — and one of Apple's most popular tablets. Attach accessories like keyboards and wireless mice to turn it into a mini-computer or prop it up and seamlessly stream movies. The iPad Pro 11 is lighter than its larger sister tablets, so you can hold it for many hours with minimal wrist fatigue. 

An iPad Pro 11-inch tablet is a great tool for any professional, from designers and artists to medical personnel and real estate agents. It will give you easy access to the Apple features and apps you love without having to squint at documents on small phone screens or carry around a heavy laptop to access essential work applications.

Whether you want a tablet for work or personal use, we have you covered. At Gazelle, we offer several iPad Pro 11-inch tablets from different generations. 


Our Refurbishing Process

Every Gazelle device undergoes our rigorous refurbishing process and 30-point quality inspection. Here's how it works: 

  • Evaluate: When we receive a new device, it undergoes a complete inspection. We examine the functionality and conditions of the screen, buttons, charging port and more.
  • Update: Next, we update the device software, wipe the data and reset the tablet. 
  • Sell: We list the device for sale on our site for a fair, upfront price. We guarantee there are no hidden fees.
When you order from us, you will receive a Gazelle Certified iPad Pro 11 refurbished and ready to use right out of the box.


The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned iPad Pro 11

New isn't always better — especially for your wallet. A pre-owned iPad Pro 11 lets you benefit from all of Apple's latest features without the hefty price tag of buying it new, plus the knowledge that you're making a more sustainable choice.

When you buy your used iPad Pro 11-inch tablet from Gazelle, you:

  • Avoid losing time scouring less reputable websites for trusted sellers.
  • Save money by avoiding hidden fees and payment plans.
  • Prevent devices from ending up in landfills and producing harmful e-waste.
  • Benefit from our hassle-free, 30-day return policy if you change your mind. 


Buy Your Refurbished iPad Pro 11 From Gazelle

At Gazelle, it's our mission to help you find affordable and quality secondhand Apple devices so you can enjoy the gadgets you love.

Learn more about the advantages of ordering from us: 

  • Convenience: Get your pre-owned iPad Pro 11-inch tablet delivered to your doorstep. We offer free standard shipping and hassle-free, 30-day returns, no questions asked. 
  • Safety: Our website is secure and our devices are quality-checked, so your purchase is safe and risk-free. 
  • Sustainability: Every purchase from Gazelle helps to give a device a chance at second life.

Ready to find the perfect pre-owned iPad Pro 11-inch tablet? Browse our extensive selection of secondhand devices at Gazelle today!