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Buy a Refurbished Used iPhone 8 Plus

If you want to upgrade your iPhone, consider a certified pre-owned iPhone 8 Plus. Gazelle is here to help you find the phone you want at a price you can afford.

You can find a used Apple iPhone 8 Plus for sale with Gazelle. Shop our used iPhones and fall in love with the iPhone 8 Plus.

The Benefits of Pre-Owned Phones

Even though companies release new phones continually, new is not always better. Used phones have a lot to offer. A refurbished iPhone 8 Plus is an affordable and eco-friendly solution for avoiding lengthy contracts. They are a great first cell phone for kids and teenagers, and it's much less stressful when a used phone takes a tumble or falls instead of a brand new iPhone. 

Buying a Gazelle Certified device lets you take advantage of Apple's high-tech features and flagship iPhone models without stepping outside of your preferred budget. Plus, our hassle-free 30-day return policy lets you test the device out before you fully commit to it. If you change your mind, go ahead and send it back — no questions asked. 

Aside from their lower cost, used phones provide many other benefits. Some advantages include:

  • Sustainability: Buying used means saving a phone from going to a landfill. Our phones are all recycled or refurbished, so we give them a second life.
  • Contract-free usage: Skip the monthly contract when you buy a used phone. Instead of paying for your phone over multiple years, you can save by only paying for your data and service plan.
  • Personal choice: When you shop used, you can pick the exact model you want. If you prefer older models, you can easily find and use them for as long as you like.
  • Cheaper storage: If you want a model with more storage, you'll pay a lot more to upgrade with a new phone. The difference between storage capacities in our used iPhones is as low as $50.
  • Less risk: When you buy a refurbished iPhone 8 Plus from Gazelle, you can trust you are purchasing a top-quality secondhand device from a reputable reseller. 

Take a chance to test out the brand or model before committing to a new phone. Find a cheap used iPhone 8 Plus with Gazelle and experience the perks of used phones for yourself.

Why an iPhone 8 Plus?

iPhones have been popular since their release in 2007, and each model offers more and more to love. The iPhone 8 Plus continues the tradition of sleek design and improved usability.

The Plus differs from the iPhone 8 in size and efficiency, with a larger screen, a longer battery and faster processing speeds.

If you're ready to make a purchase, we can help. Gazelle is here to streamline your shopping experience and give you the phone you want at a price you'll love. Find an iPhone 8 Plus with all the great features and more with us.

How Do We Refurbish Phones?

We are a leader in the cell phone recycling industry. We buy and sell phones from leading brands like Apple as well as many others. Our phones are either attached to a carrier or unlocked, and we only list phones in great condition. We offer phones in different cosmetic grades to help you find a device that fits your needs and budget.

Every phone we sell is refurbished. We buy cell phones, examine them, certify them and put them back on the market. We eliminate the need for searching for online sellers or meeting strangers in person. Our process is simple, so anyone can use it and get a phone they want when they want it.

Here's how our process works: 

  • Inspect: We inspect every device from top to bottom for cosmetics and functionality. We check the screen, buttons, speakers and other components to make sure everything functions perfectly.
  • Update: Next, we wipe the data and information from the previous owner. Then, we update the software and restore the phone to its default factory settings.
  • Sell: Before listing it, we evaluate the device's cosmetic appearance to offer our customers a fair price. We're upfront about the phone's condition, and we never include hidden fees. 

Our two goals are simple: help the earth and help your wallet. We offer phones for a great price to give them a second life. You can even sell your phones back to us later down the road!

Find a Pre-Owned iPhone 8 Plus With Gazelle

At Gazelle, our large inventory of secondhand iPhone 8 Plus cell phones means you're sure to find the color, condition and storage you want. All our devices pass a 30-point inspection process before we list them on our site, so you can rest assured that we sell iPhones in excellent working condition. With Gazelle, you always know exactly what you're getting.

Browse our selection today to find the perfect iPhone 8 Plus for you!