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Sleek and light, the MacBook Air is a popular laptop choice across generations and professions. You can work on the go with ease with a powerful, portable laptop from Gazelle. Our inventory consists of different model years, processors and storage capacities.

Finding a new laptop is simple when you know where to look. We make it easy to search for and find popular models like a used 2019 MacBook Air. Get a MacBook Air for a fraction of the price with Gazelle.

MacBook Air Basics

The MacBook Air gets its name from its lightweight shape and size. Though these computers are slim, they are just as powerful as others on the market. The MacBook Air makes working on the go simple with long-lasting battery life and a powerful processor.

Each model year is lighter than the last, so you can comfortably carry your computer around. MacBooks are beloved by students and working professionals since they don't weigh down your backpack. You can watch videos, write papers, edit videos with iMovie and send iMessages from one device.

When you buy a Mac, you can share your data across other Apple devices with the iOS system. Gazelle has 11-inch and 13-inch models to choose from, so you can get a suitable size for your needs. Find your next favorite laptop online from Gazelle and save money while you shop.

Why Buy Used Laptops?

The used electronic market is booming with top-tier tech brands and models. Used devices have unique perks that set them apart from the newest releases.

When you buy a secondhand MacBook, you get:

  • Lower prices: Used computers from Gazelle are a fraction of the original price. You can usually save big on warranties, too.
  • Better specs: When you buy a new computer, springing for features like more memory might be unaffordable. With used options, you can choose better specs at a great price.
  • Quality checks: Used computers undergo thorough inspections before they're listed online, so you can be sure your computer will work properly.
  • Sustainable products: Buying used helps lower the amount of e-waste in the world. You can give your laptop a second life and enjoy its features.

Buying used lets you test out a brand's features before you spend hundreds of dollars on a new model. Shop with Gazelle today for a preowned 2018 MacBook Air and experience these benefits for yourself.

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Gazelle proudly buys and sells used devices at an affordable price. We make it simple to find a name-brand laptop for a fraction of the factory price. All of our devices have to pass a 30-point inspection to be Gazelle Certified, so you can trust us to provide the best used laptops on the market.

Our website is secure, so you can feel confident in every purchase. If you change your mind, we have a 30-day return policy so you can send the laptop back to us. Skip the hassle and buy from us.

Browse our available inventory and find a secondhand MacBook Air for sale from Gazelle.