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Unlocked Samsung Phones

If you want to get the most value for your money, unlocked Samsung phones are an excellent choice. Most of our refurbished Samsung smartphones give you the same technology at a steep discount, and they're usable with any SIM card and carrier. Get the same great smartphone at a new low price with greater freedom than ever.

Samsung Unlocked Phones for Sale

At Gazelle, we stock phones from every major brand, including the popular Samsung Galaxy models. These smartphones come in good condition and offer a high-quality screen, long battery life, and thousands of apps. Before we list a device for sale, we run thorough tests to make sure it works properly and run repairs if needed.

Choose Any Service Provider with Gazelle

Choosing pre-owned Samsung devices from our store has many advantages, carrier freedom is just one.

Flexibility and Freedom

An unlocked Samsung Galaxy device gives you the ability to switch between different carriers using just one device. It's great for users who travel frequently or want to take advantage of different carrier promotions without being tied down to a contract.

Smartphones with Quality Features

Samsung smartphones are famous around the world for their advanced technology and features. The Galaxy series is a diverse line, with the flagship S-Ultra boasting impressive power and the A line offering an affordable entry point. The brand's gorilla glass screen construction, vibrant display, long battery life, integrations with Samsung TV, and impressive camera all make for a premium smartphone.

Certified Refurbished from a Reputable Business

If you're afraid of buying pre-owned, don't be. Before we sell a phone, we run it through a 30-point testing process that examines virtually every element of the device. Our testing method ensures that the battery holds an adequate charge, that the internal components work properly, and that everything is as it should be. If you're not satisfied, get your money back no questions asked within thirty days.

Wide Range of Products and Accessories

We stock a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy cell phones, accessories, and tablets. This makes it easy to find any Samsung device you want in one place, with full compatibility between our products and Samsung TV offerings.

A Greener Earth

When someone throws out their old phone and buys a new one, it typically results in an increase of toxic e-waste in landfills and contributes to increased production-related carbon emissions. Buying a pre-owned product is a great way to contribute to the circular economy and live a sustainable life.

Why Buy Your Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Phone from Us?

When you choose Gazelle, you benefit from:

  • Price Guarantee: We offer competitive prices on all of our refurbished cell phones. You pay less to enjoy more.
  • Quality Assurance Program: We carefully inspect and test each phone to ensure it meets our high standards before it is listed for sale.
  • Ease of Purchase: Our online shop makes it simple to browse, choose, and select the phone of your choice.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering support and a straightforward return policy to address any concerns you may have with your purchase.

Discover the freedom of using an unlocked Galaxy phone today. Explore our market for pre-owned smartphones, where you can enjoy the benefits of flexible carrier choices and high-quality technology without being limited by typical carrier restrictions.


What is an unlocked Samsung phone?

An unlocked Samsung Galaxy phone is a phone that's not locked to a single carrier. That means you can use a SIM card from any provider that uses a compatible network, and change providers freely.

What is the difference between locked and unlocked Samsung Galaxy phones?

A locked phone is only usable with a single service provider. While it's possible to unlock your phones, most providers structure their contracts to make this impractical.

Can I get a Samsung unlocked?

You can get a Galaxy smartphone unlocked by buying directly from Samsung, by requesting that your provider unlock the phone, or by buying pre-owned from Gazelle.