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Customer Reviews

We understand that our Customers put a lot of trust in us when they trade in or buy electronics. If you're looking for reviews, check out what our Customers are saying, both crazy awesome and not so crazy awesome.

9 out of 10

Recent Reviews

07/11/15 | Larry, Corydon, IN

Great buy and fast shipping

07/11/15 | Warren, Reston, VA

It's was somewhat unsettling at first because they didn't show you a picture of the exact phone I was getting. But after I got it, it was much better than I expected

07/10/15 | Mariette, Manchester, NH

Smooth. Excellent communication from Gazelle to me. Quick turnaround.

07/09/15 | Kristi, San Francisco, CA

I love gazelle as a buyer and seller.  I don't care if i don't get the most money on the selling end because the experience is seamless and easy.  I also don't want to be held responsible for an electronic item that might have issues I didn't know about.

07/09/15 | Kelly, Cincinnati, OH

Very easy and quick shipping. My husband and I both need newer phones, so we will be getting them from Gazelle as well.

07/08/15 | Jane, Brooklyn, NY

Very easy, got exactly what I wanted at a great deal

07/08/15 | Sarah, Cambridge, MA

Very low supply of iPhone 6. High shipping charge! We wanted several but only one was available.

07/08/15 | Kim, Santa Fe, NM

The only thing missing was the box! I would buy refurbished again with better packaging. 

07/07/15 | John, Walker, MN

Very pleasant.  Device was in even better condition than expected.  Delivered quickly.  It works perfectly.

07/06/15 | Linda, Hendersonville, TN

Perfect. Good price, fast delivery, device in like-new condition.

07/06/15 | Larry, Frankfort, KY

I had to return it. My friend's eyesight could not see the iPhone's screen well enough. The return was hassle free. I have 5 on my plan and no longer wish to do contracts. I will certainly be doing more business with you!

07/05/15 | Tommy, Monroeville, PA

The price was great and the condition of the device was far surpassed what I expected.

07/02/15 | Shannon, Vancouver, WA

Gazelle exceeded my expectations in every way except shipping time.

06/27/15 | Judy, Killeen, TX

I was very pleased and satisfied with the experience.  Phone looked new and I haven't had any problems.

06/21/15 | MARTIN HERVE, Austin, TX

Fantastic!! I'm new to the U.S. and I never new I'd get a used iPhone device in almost perfect conditions. The site read "good" conditions but the phone I received was actually "excellent".  I will definitely buy again! Good job guys and God bless America!!

06/19/15 | Franklin, La Jolla, CA

Speakers not in good shape but I use headphones generally.  Would have liked specific details on the phone but it works for what I need currently.

06/17/15 | David, Frederick, MD

very smooth. much better than expected.  to be honest i thought there would be some kind of "catch" or trick on your side but there was got exactly what we purchased and we are more than pleased to use gazelle again if we need to

06/16/15 | Thomas, Union, NJ

My first experience was excellent. This (my second experience) was not so good, since the phone was not clean.

06/16/15 | Danise, Downingtown, PA

Great experience! My phone arrived quickly, and in great condition, even though I purchased one that said it could have scratches on it. It didn't. Took it to and AT&T store, and within minutes had my contacts and info transferred from my old phone. I'd buy from Gazelle again in a heartbeat! Thank you!!

06/15/15 | Bradley, Chicago, IL

Very smooth - and trustworthy! Fast shipping and great customer service response.

06/13/15 | Rachel, Richmond, VA

Great experience!!! Glad I decided to buy my first iPhone from Gazelle!

06/12/15 | Stephen, Wilmore, KY

It was pleasant experience and I will likely use Gazelle again in the future.

06/11/15 | Jeri, Oyster Bay, NY

Easy.  Your Chat staff are fast and knowledgeable

06/11/15 | Mike, Santa Barbara, CA

Need to be patient for the right phone to be available for the more desired models. Once you find one, the purchase is easy and receipt pretty quick.

06/09/15 | Joseph, New York, NY

It was very fast and easy.  The device I ordered was in good condition and we were impressed with the appearance of the device.  I would highly recommend this site to friends and family!

06/09/15 | Kevin, Los Angeles, CA

It was the easiest and fastest way to get a cheap phone that is outrageously in a greater condition than expected.

06/08/15 | Douglas, San Antonio, TX

The purchase online was very easy.  The iPad arrived quickly.  The condition was better that I would have been willing to accept for a "good" classification.  I had an issue with an accessory that I purchased at the same time and that was handled very quickly.  Overall, a great purchasing experience and I would repeat!

06/07/15 | Jerome, Yamhill, OR

Super easy.  Fast shipping.  Cost effective.

06/05/15 | Timothy, Saint Paul, MN

Very good experience.  Emails from Gazelle kept me up to date with all pending events, confirmations, or actions. 

06/04/15 | Lori, Goodlettsville, TN

I was very surprised the "like new" condition the iPhone arrived in. I didn't select the highest quality and I expected some dings, etc. I am very happy! Would buy from Gazelle again!

06/04/15 | Kent, Duluth, MN

I was going to buy from another company but the phone we wanted sold out.  Then I searched for pricing that was low and the company had good reviews.  We then found Gazelle and so far very pleased with our purchase. 

06/02/15 | Eugene, Ridgewood, NJ

Excellent. Second phone I have purchased. Both were very satisfactory. Service was excellent and appreciate the way the return of unneeded screen protectors was handled

06/01/15 | Chad, Toledo, OH

Excellent. Shipped overnight. Great condition. Had phone activated within 15 minutes at AT&T store

05/31/15 | Richard, Yorktown, VA

Everyone was great.  You have a good team.

05/30/15 | Jessie, Clearwater, FL

I went for good condition because I didn't want to spend the extra money on excellent condition and I was very satisfied with the high cosmetic quality. Though the charger doesn't work. I'm still very satisfied.

05/29/15 | Jenny, Uxbridge, MA

I was very pleasantly surprised at the available models to choose from and the price just could not be beat.

05/28/15 | LaQuavia, Upper Marlboro, MD

Phone looks brand new, accessories seem to be new as well. Very pleased with this purchase, have never bought a used iPhone, but will purchase again if needed.

05/28/15 | James, Monument, CO

Quick and easy. Better than expected appearance. No problem getting free SIM card from carrier.

05/27/15 | Vincent, Pasadena, CA

Great product, in great condition for great price from a place that can be trusted!

05/27/15 | Janis, Conshohocken, PA

I bought the device because I thought it was certified as advertised, but clearly it was a defective phone. I don't believe the phone was certified and I will tell everyone Gazelle doesn't really certify and the phones are defective. I will never buy a Gazelle phone again.

05/26/15 | Mary, Reno, NV

So great!  I'm thrilled to have an iPad at such a reasonable price.

05/25/15 | Joshua, Atlanta, GA

Quick, easy and got exact what I wanted almost as soon as I wanted it. I will definitely use this service again.

05/23/15 | Harold, Panama City Beach, FL

Better than expected, I'm canceling my provider insurance and will never sign another mobile contract. You have gained a faithful customer!

05/22/15 | Jeffrey, Ellenwood, GA

Order was cancelled without reason. Had to open chat to find out. Days later I was told I can't use my promo code anymore and the order was cancelled. Unhappy and won't recommend.

05/22/15 | Brooke, Phoenix, AZ

Gazelle made it easy for me to replace my old iPhone 4s after my wifi chip died. I was out of contract with my carrier but due for an upgrade, and it was significantly cheaper to buy a 5s from gazelle and stay month-to-month than try to go with a contract and new phone with my carrier. Thank you!

05/22/15 | Brian, Inwood, WV

Fast service, great quality, good price.

05/21/15 | Lori, Orange City, FL

Kind of scary at first...thought I might get a piece of c---!   But wow, it is like new and works perfectly.

05/21/15 | Robert, Anaheim, CA

Very satisfied with the phone in like NEW condition. Amazing!

05/20/15 | Andrea, Dallas, PA

Very good I called with questions & the sales person was happy to answer all my questions. I will be buying another for my other grandchild next month!  Great customer service

05/19/15 | Nancy, Natick, MA

Very easy and straight forward.  I also purchased the same phone for my daughter a few months ago and it has worked out great.  The same experience the second time using gazelle.

05/17/15 | Rebecca, Thompson, PA

It was a great experience. It came very quickly, and looked brand new.

05/15/15 | Melanie, Columbus, OH

It has been great!  I had standard shipping and it was delivered in two days. Much quicker than anticipated. Gazelle makes it possible for me to own an iPad at an affordable price. Thank you so much. I've been telling colleagues and friends alike how awesome your site is.

05/13/15 | Jenny, Los Angeles, CA

Easy, quick and can't beat the prices! I love it and love that I saved $200 bucks and don't have to bite my teeth too hard about spending $1,000 on a phone

05/12/15 | Siobhan, Wappingers Falls, NY

Excellent, I was extremely skeptical but I am so happy with the results.

05/11/15 | Shawn, Richmond, VA

I am very happy with my purchase.  I looked for an iphone 5s on Ebay and Craigslist and had no luck with auctions or response from sellers on CL.  I also like that Gazelle has a 30 day guarantee.  You don't get that guarantee if you buy the phone on Ebay or Craigslist.

05/09/15 | Anwar, Irving, TX

Great Experience and on time delivery.

05/08/15 | Doris, Yorktown, VA

It was a perfect transaction from start to finish. I have not been disappointed in the least. I'm glad I chose Gazelle.

05/07/15 | Chip, Alpharetta, GA

very easy - much faster than eBay or Glyde

05/06/15 | Casandra, Savannah, GA

It was good wish it came with more accessories though.

05/05/15 | Ember, Weems, VA

Great purchase. Low, affordable cost and a great device with no problems. Definitely coming back!

05/03/15 | Enrique, Saint Louis, MO

The purchase process with Gazelle was extremely easy and straight forward. Received an item which was better that initially believe I would received and the install worked as advertised.

05/03/15 | Patrick, Peebles, OH

Couldn't be easier and exceeds expectations.  A week into activation of items purchased, and both iPhone 5S performing quite well!

05/01/15 | Sarah, New York, NY

Easy and I got a phone with more memory than I could have gotten new

04/30/15 | Marybell, San Diego, CA

Fantabulous!!!! I have been recommending your company already! Thank you!!!

04/30/15 | Ronna, Mason, OH

Excellent product at great price! Verizon "out of contract" discount of $25 makes connection to existing smartphone plan only $15 per month! I have recommended you to all my colleagues at work for their kids' first smartphone.

04/29/15 | Andrea, Romulus, MI

No complaints! It was easy and the iPhone 6 had no scratches or defects!

04/28/15 | Nicole, Katy, TX

I bought three iPhones, I had to send mine back only because I was sent the wrong color but the other two work perfect and you can't even tell they are used. Overall I am pretty happy and now waiting on the right color to be delivered ;)!

04/27/15 | Joseph, Cincinnati, OH

Confident that there was support behind the purchase. Much more comfortable than buying used from an individual or unknown reseller.

04/26/15 | Barbara, Lebanon, NH

I was very unhappy with the shipping (I paid to have the phone shipped in 1 day and it took 4) and the fact that it did not work as advertised when I did finally receive.  However, I had a great experience with the customer service and am very happy that exchanging was easy.

04/25/15 | Sean, Willingboro, NJ

It was very simple, easy, and affordable. Thanks to your PayPal option, I was able to delay my payment until I was sure it would work on the carrier of my choosing. The device looked absolutely gorgeous! :)

04/24/15 | Barbara, Philadelphia, PA

Will recommend to anyone who wants to upgrade or needs a phone. Great to do business with them.

04/23/15 | Jeff, Portland, OR

It was great.  Ordered on day one and had the phone on day 2.  The phone was in perfect condition.

04/22/15 | Connie, Cypress, TX

Painless!  It was an easy on-line purchase and it shipped and arrived much faster than I anticipated.  And the condition of the phone was/is outstanding!

04/22/15 | Joyce , Minneapolis, MN

Very easy. Talked to a knowledgeable person and they gave me good advice which was very helpful.

04/21/15 | Lisa, Schenectady, NY

Absolutely flawless from start to finish - exceptionally pleased and would not hesitate to buy from Gazelle again - stellar!

04/21/15 | Glenn, Lansing, MI

Scary at first, because I had not done it before. I was very pleased with the outcome.

04/20/15 | Jason, Detroit, MI

The devices are in great shape.

04/19/15 | Sheryl, Idaho Falls, ID

It was easy to find exactly what I wanted at a very reasonable price, saving me the headache of a renewed contract.    The phone arrived quickly & looked absolutely like brand new.  Better condition than I expected. I would highly recommend Gazelle to anyone & I will likely use them again. 

04/18/15 | John, Miami, FL

It was great. I expected a banged up device, it looked great, and arrived quickly, very happy!

04/16/15 | Martin, Wildwood, FL

I have purchased and sold devices through Gazelle and both were good experiences.

04/15/15 | Lark, Stone Mountain, GA

I bought an iPhone 5s. It came sooner than I expected. It barely had any wear and almost looked brand new. 

04/13/15 | Susan, Sacramento, CA

Very positive. Saved money...prompt, quick receipt of the item. Good used condition with no issues.

04/12/15 | Paul, White Lake, MI

Excellent.  Shipping was fast, phone is mint.

04/12/15 | Faye, Santa Barbara, CA

It was very easy. The only problem is choosing the model you want very quickly.  Models appear and disappear every minute!

04/09/15 | George, Downers Grove, IL

They initially sent me the wrong device but after calling they quickly shipped the right overnight. 

04/08/15 | Robert, Houston, TX

The experience was great, with the exception of the phone being a lemon.

04/07/15 | "The Mullet", Denton, TX

It was easy! There was a great selection of phones and it was nice to buy it from a trusted source. 

04/05/15 | Scott, Paulsboro, NJ

Great experience. Won't hesitate to use gazelle again. 

04/05/15 | Brian, Chantilly, VA

It was a great experience! We got the iPhone a lot faster then we thought. Also, it was in perfect condition.

04/02/15 | Steve, Banning, CA

Purchasing was fairly simple.  Shipment by Fedex caused trouble, so I was unable to activate the phone when I had expected to do so. 

03/31/15 | Brooks, Antelope, CA

Everything went smooth very happy with phone, shipping and price.

03/30/15 | Tony, Burbank, CA

Everything was great except you guys sent me the wrong color.

03/28/15 | Steven, Ithaca, NY

Great. I plan to buy my next device the same way in the future. 

03/28/15 | Chris, Matthews, NC

Very easy to find phones we could use for our desired prepaid plan.  Cost to get memory upgrade only $25 vs phone company refurbished.

03/25/15 | Rose, Las Vegas, NV

Very easy. Good phone at good price. Fast shipping.

03/23/15 | Chelsea, Miami, FL

Fantastic! Very quick and the device quality is wonderful. It's like brand new.

03/22/15 | Leimomi, Pico Rivera, CA

It was an awesome experience.  Good quality for such a great price. I really appreciate your help and excellent product

03/22/15 | Dennis, Lexington Park, MD

It was very easy to order the phone and pay for it. The shipping time was very reasonable and I was able to add to Sprint with no problems.

03/21/15 | Norman, Mount Laurel, NJ

Easy.  Really liked what I received and how quickly it arrived. 

03/20/15 | Tony, Hercules, CA

Fast and easy service! The only con I can think of is the battery doesn't last as long as my last iPhone.

03/19/15 | Conrad, San Francisco, CA

Awful, and a WASTE of my time, because my carrier isn't one that works with your phones.

03/19/15 | Donald, Evansville, IN

The process was easy and I had a reasonably good selection. I was stunned at the excellent condition of the item.

03/19/15 | Betty, Centreville, VA

It was pleasant, quick and easy. I received the delivery sooner than expected. It meets my expectations very well. I will readily use your services again.

03/18/15 | Nathan, Mount Juliet, TN

I had a pleasant and very satisfying experience and saved $300.

03/17/15 | Junior, Brooklyn, NY

It was a very good experience quick easy and fast to do..The device was in great conditioning than expected it it was certified good imagine what a certified Like New would look like :)

03/16/15 | Bonnie, Huntersville, NC

buying was easy; having to sign for the package created some problems. FedEx messed up the delivery times and temporarily lost the package. Took a couple of days to get it worked out

03/15/15 | Robin, Arkansas City, KS

It was much better than I anticipated. I plan on purchasing another one very soon.

03/15/15 | William, Waco, TX

The overall experience was good.  I would purchase with gazelle again over swappa or Glyde . Thanks!

03/14/15 | John, Nashville, TN

Easy to shop for what I wanted.  Best price on Certified Pre-Owned iPhones.

03/14/15 | Lou, Ogden, UT

Perfect, but having to sign for the delivery created a delay and was inconvenient.

03/13/15 | Veronica, Falmouth, ME

Absolutely fabulous..  No marks and most importantly it worked wonderfully..

03/13/15 | Ken, Savannah, GA

excellent, quick shipping, felt like we could trust the purchase

03/11/15 | Susan, Olney, MD

We just need to be prepared for what we are going to get. Purchased a case that acts as a backup battery. Still very disappointing experience.

03/11/15 | Steve, Arlington, TX

The website, ease of purchase and shipping time were all excellent.  Only negative is I feel the device was overvalued for what we received.

03/10/15 | Keith, Omaha, NE


03/10/15 | Melissa, Charlottesville, VA

I'd had trouble in the past trying to purchase this phone, but this last time it was easy. The phone was perfect, almost brand new.

03/10/15 | Kirsten, Waldorf, MD

It was much better than I expected. First time buyer and will definitely use the website again.

03/09/15 | Carey, Charlottesville, VA

Fantastic!  Significantly lower cost for a product that is still available new from the manufacturer but is only one generation behind the most current models.

03/08/15 | Clint, Houston, TX

It was easy and went really well. I like my device and it's exactly what I needed!  Thanks!  Keep it going...!

03/07/15 | Willmott, Tucson, AZ

I could not expect, or receive, a better experience...from the quality of the Phone and the expediency of the order.

03/07/15 | Rachael, Central Point, OR

Terrific. Wish shipping was a bit faster and you did exchanges.

03/06/15 | Robert, Mesa, AZ

Simple. Easy. Piece of cake. I was able to order with confidence and my purchase was delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Good job Gazelle.

03/06/15 | Roman, San Jose, CA

Pricing and availability on the website provided a "bait and switch" experience.

03/05/15 | Georgiana, Indialantic, FL

It was a good experience. It was recommended by a friend. I am very grateful for the ease and condition and also for the packaging. It was very well done.

03/04/15 | Michael, Huntsville, AL

Purchasing the iPhone 5 for Verizon was very easy through Gazelle, and the phone arrived within 4 business days. I was very pleased with the prompt delivery and the condition of the phone.

03/03/15 | Jorge, New York, NY

Fast Service. Quality devices and even came with a charger!  100% recommend

03/02/15 | KJ, Jackson, MS

Decent. If pricing was a little bit better, could purchase more items.

03/01/15 | Jessica, Laguna Hills, CA

Great experience. Web site was easy to use, phone shipped quickly, and phone was exactly as described. I'll purchase my next phone from Gazelle.

02/28/15 | James, Forest Grove, OR

It's been hassle free and as easy as can be. I was happy with the shipping speed, the product was in very good condition cosmetically and functions as hoped.

02/28/15 | Mary, Watertown, MA

Seamless. Very easy, secure, and the phone is in perfect condition!

02/27/15 | Bluff, Saint Louis, MO

The process was quick and easy; product was delivered within a few days; product was in great condition.

02/26/15 | Mike, Mckinney, TX

Easy!  Great way to know you will get a quality used product, not like taking the risk on Craigslist!!!

02/25/15 | Stephen, San Bernardino, CA

Great, now my grandad has an iPad he can play with, leaving mine alone. :)

02/25/15 | John, Massapequa Park, NY

Everything seems to be ok.  Phone is working great.  No problems.  Some minor scratches on the back of the phone. The front (glass) is perfect.  Thank you.

02/23/15 | Sarah, Oxnard, CA

Absolutely wonderful! Would definitely do it again!

02/23/15 | Matthew, Oklahoma City, OK

This was a great experience buying a used, great condition iPad 2.

02/21/15 | Janelle, El Sobrante, CA

Fantastic. Easy process and great value. Highly recommended. Will probably never buy a brand new device again!

02/21/15 | Paula, Ellicott City, MD

It was quick and uneventful. We were surprised that it seemed brand new and that we could track it, through FedEx, every step of delivery.

02/21/15 | Steve, Westwood, NJ

Perfect, I love that you take posession and check the ipad over. I feel comfortable I won't get scammed like on ebay, glyde and CL

02/19/15 | Olivia, Santee, CA

Satisfying. It was Awesome to find newer nicer phone, that was within my price range

02/17/15 | Michael, Miamisburg, OH

Generally good--I would purchase from again. However, I was surprised I did not receive a headset with the purchase.

02/16/15 | Michelle, Upper Black Eddy, PA

EASY! Simple transaction, fast delivery. I will shop with you guys in the future.

02/15/15 | Constance, Mount Laurel, NJ

Fast, efficient.  Customer service answered questions before purchase. Delivery was timely. Item well packed.  Follow-up immediate.

02/10/15 | Jan, Huntsville, AL

I received the iPad with a bad charger. After a brief online chat the charger was promptly replaced.

02/09/15 | Bill, Colorado Springs, CO

very good. I have sold devices to Gazelle in the past and always had a good experience. So, this time I bought something from you.

02/09/15 | Emily, Columbia, MD

Very simple process, would highly recommend. Quick shipping. I did see that some items were sold out online but that is a supply issue and not a reflection of the company.

02/08/15 | Nicole, Philadelphia, PA

Great customer service and quick shipping.

02/08/15 | Erika, Oakland, TN

Pretty good. Phone looks good. Works well (except volume down). I am happy with it, overall. Glad to have found you guys.

02/05/15 | Jason, Oscoda, MI

Very good. Only complaint is that the charger quit working in less than a week. Not Gazelle's fault

02/03/15 | Michael, Sonoma, CA

Top notch. Will gladly return when another phone is needed.

02/02/15 | Brian, Corona Del Mar, CA

Good. Read a lot of bad reviews of the site online but decided to go through with it anyway, was happy I did.

02/01/15 | Renee, Orlando, FL

It came fast , for the most part the phone exceeded what I expected. Recommended the site to my friends who are purchasing a phone this week.

01/30/15 | Joshua, Sayreville, NJ

The experience was ok. I was disappointed with the shipping. Gazelle stated two business days when it actually took three business days.

01/28/15 | Morgan, Charlton, MA

Misleading, the phone had issues beyond cosmetics.

01/27/15 | Ernie, Shingle Springs, CA

Great experience. Site was user friendly, item was shipped quickly and looks and functions better than I expected. Five stars!

01/26/15 | Alice, La Crosse, WI

Excellent - arrived somewhat earlier than expected, well packaged. Item was exactly as listed.

01/24/15 | Eileen, Seattle, WA

Excellent. Easy, and phone is in excellent condition -- much nicer cosmetically than I expected.

01/22/15 | Stephany, Youngstown, OH

If the phone would actually hold a charge for a while and if the battery percentage display were accurate, this WOULD have been a pleasant purchasing experience.

01/22/15 | Titus, Fort Belvoir, VA

Over good. Little to no problems and wonderful wonderful custumer service. :) ill be buying an ipad off of here soon

01/15/15 | Sue, Phoenix, AZ

Went smoothly.  Took a little longer to get in the mail though.

01/12/15 | Todd, Irving, TX

Excellent. Product was like new at a fraction of the price of a new or factory refurbished unit.

01/11/15 | Ashley, Campbell, CA

Fast, easy, secure. Quality product and good company.

01/10/15 | Vince, Buffalo, NY

Expensive but no complaints. Glad they sent a new charger and cable

01/10/15 | Jason, Rochester, NY

Quick, easy and it felt like a safe way to buy a used iphone. I liked that you offered a 30-day return policy.

01/07/15 | Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, CO

The phone was in better condition than I expected. The screen was great as advertised.

01/06/15 | Karen, Fresno, CA

This was very positive!  I was nervous because I have not purchase previously used electronics online before and I'm so pleased this worked out so well.

01/05/15 | Darrell, Owasso, OK

Very pleased. Phone was in better shape than I expected.

12/31/14 | Myra, Alexandria, VA

Easy except the supply ran out, and I had to wait.

12/31/14 | Robert, Columbus, GA

First time and it was pretty awesome. Very easy to set up with carrier. Phone was in great shape. Arrived super fast.

12/29/14 | Merv, Moreno Valley, CA

Very easy.  I was skeptical at first but after receiving the product and setting up the service my fears quickly diminished.

12/28/14 | Lonnie, Brewer, ME

Great experience. Shipping was faster than expected, packaging was great and the item was in excellent condition.

12/27/14 | Aaron, Jacksonville, FL

Great!  There was a day hold up on the shipping but a manager from the chat center helped me, and made everything better with no issues. 

12/22/14 | Jaclyn, Lewisville, TX

Awesome!!! Wish every company was like yours..thank you for such an easy experience

12/21/14 | Herman, Northridge, CA

I think if they keep doing what they are doing now, I will comeback to buy from Gazelle again, and will highly recommend them to all my family and friends...

12/20/14 | Nina, Broken Arrow, OK

It was very simple and highly satisfying. My phone even came early in the mail!

12/20/14 | Natalia, Fair Play, MO

Frustrated that device is not working properly :(

12/17/14 | Dean, Luxemburg, WI

Very good.  Needed a replacement charger and it was shipped immediately.

12/15/14 | Laura, Oak Park, IL

Excellent, the product was shipped on one day and excellent condition.

12/14/14 | Kenneth, East Aurora, NY

Very liberating knowing that I paid a fair price for an iphone and will have just $45 per month cost with no long term contract.

12/11/14 | Mark, Baton Rouge, LA

Good, no issues.  Product was dispatched rapidly but basic postage took a long time (9days) as it had to go a long way.

12/11/14 | Robert, Buffalo, NY

Buying from Gazelle was an amazing experience. The device was in excellent condition, connected easily to my carrier and  was perfect.

12/11/14 | Laurence, Hanover, MD

I was nervous initially, especially as I was buying 4 items.  I am very impressed with the service and quality of the items and will buy again.

12/10/14 | Debra, Baltimore, MD

The purchasing experience was extremely easy. Everything was clearly explained. Delivery service was fast.

12/09/14 | Andrew, Campbell, CA

Everything has met my expectations, and I'll keep Gazelle in mind for future device purchases.

12/08/14 | Michael, Woodside, NY

Very statisfied. Arrived in perfect condition, no functionality problems. Much better then I expected especially for the price.

12/8/2014 | Kelly, Lincoln, NE

The process was simple and straight forward. Got above the quality that I had ordered- which was good. No visible scuffs or scratches, it is great!

12/8/2014 | Gene, Asheville, NC

So far no issues at all, very easy. My next phone will come through Gazelle.

12/7/2014 | Sheri, Batavia, IL

Easy website, fast shipping, device is perfect.