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Do you want to upgrade your phone without spending a lot of money on a brand new iPhone? Gazelle can help! We have used Apple iPhones from Verizon at a great price, and you can order yours online.

Shopping for phones online has never been easier. With a comprehensive online inventory of Verizon-supported iPhones, Gazelle can help you find the perfect upgrade for your current model and save you cash in the process.

Why Buy an iPhone?

Since 2007, Apple has taken the world by storm with the iPhone. iPhones are a fan favorite for many reasons, including their appearance, interface and applications. As a classic smartphone, the iPhone has undergone many changes since the original model, but its popularity has endured for a good reason.

iPhones are easy to use. With features like Siri and the App Store, you can use your phone for simple search queries or gaming. The real benefit of iPhones is that they work with a range of lifestyles, from avid smartphone users to those who only text and call when they need to.

Some of the classic features of an iPhone include:

  • Sleek, comfortable body style.
  • Multiple color options.
  • A user-friendly experience.
  • Security features, such as fingerprint and face recognition, depending on the model.

Are Used Phones Worth It?

While new phones are always a popular choice, used phones are better on your wallet and offer a great user experience. There are plenty of reasons to choose a used model, especially if you want an excellent phone on a budget. Beyond saving you money on the retail price, our used iPhones also offer:

  • Flexible options: You can choose the color and the amount of storage you want without having to battle with others for the newest model.
  • Reliable service: At Gazelle, we check over every phone before resale to make sure we offer a fair price and a working product.
  • Sustainable shopping: When you buy a used iPhone rather than a new model, you help limit waste and give a used phone a new life.

Shop with Gazelle and discover the benefits of a used phone firsthand!

Used Apple iPhones From Verizon

Choosing the right iPhone for your lifestyle is more straightforward than it seems, especially with help from Gazelle. Our inventory ranges in color, model, storage space, condition and carrier, so it's easy to find what you want. We created our site to be a safe, secure place for you to find the ideal model for your budget without hunting through in-person suppliers.

We pride ourselves on offering the best used iPhones we can find. Every phone on our site must pass the Gazelle Certified quality inspection. This 30-point test covers a wide range of potential issues, including the camera quality, WiFi connection, screen appearance, ports and buttons.

If you're looking to buy a used Verizon iPhone near you, our online transaction process takes the hassle out of searching for a local dealer. We offer a 30-day warranty on all phones sold on our site, too. Purchase your used iPhone online through Gazelle today!